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Fayeq Kolbi: Human Rights Organizations, CPT are nominal don not ply their role effectively


QAMIŞLO-A member of Ocelan’s Freedom Committee in Başûr Kurdistan, Fayeq Kolbi, said that the international human rights organizations and the Committee against Torture are nominal do nothing of those which they believe and advocate, and pointed out that the political mentality prevailing in Başûr Kurdistan prevents its parties from seeking to eliminate the isolation of Ocelan “Ocelan’s ideas are very important to solve the problems of the Middle East.

In an interview on the reasons for the isolation imposed on Abdullah Ocelan, a member of the Committee for Ocelan freedom in Başûr Kurdistan, ” south of Kurdistan,” Fayeq Kolbi, told the news agency Hawar on the long term goal of the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) from the isolation of Ocelan and not allowed to meet, The silence of international Human Rights organizations as well as the forces that claim democracy and work for human rights, as well as the political mentality prevailing in Başûr Kurdistan and not seeking to eliminate the isolation of Ocelan.

The text of the interview:

Why does AKP government impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocelan, and what does this have to do with what is happening in Kurdistan, particularly in Rojava, and Başûr?

We know that AKP government in Turkey is a racist, sectarian and undemocratic government. Turkish government is a racist government like the MHP. It does not want to recognize the existence of Kurdish people in the Middle East and does not want to have Kurdish gains in the four parts of Kurdistan. The government led by Erdogan is chauvinistic toward Kurds.

On the other hand, we know that the leader Abdullah Ocelan is a political thinker with ideas and programs to solve the problems of the Middle East and solve the Kurdish cause in all parts of Kurdistan. If Ocealan’s lawyers and the members of the Democratic People’s Party and his family are allowed to meet him, Ocelan will assess the current political situation in Turkey and in all parts of Kurdistan and will put solutions to existing problems. These solutions and assessments will benefit the people in Syria, Iraq and Turkey to solve their problems. .

In light of this severe isolation on Ocelan, the relevant international organizations, especially CPT, remain silent. Why this silence ?

The leader Ocelan represents an oppressed people and it homeland divided and its rights denied. If there were political morals and true principles that western forces and international organizations such as the Committee Against Torture believe in, the isolation of Ocelan was eliminated because it defends an oppressed people and gives ideas to solve the problems of peoples in Middle East and the world. But political interests and economic interests prevent these organizations The sovereignty of western countries, from action.

Unfortunately, the Committee against Torture is still silent about the harsh isolation imposed on leader Ocelan. We do not know the health and health condition of Ocelan and we do not know whether his health is good or deteriorating. These practices by Turkish government against Ocelan are torture practices, but this committee and Human Rights Organizations are silent and have not taken a clear attitude on this torture.

Ocelan was arrested by an international plot involving many regional and international forces. What are the responsibilities of these countries for not disclosing the health situation of Ocelan, and why they do not carry out their humanitarian duties?

If the regional and international forces that participated and assisted Turkish intelligence in the abduction of Ocelan 19 years ago believed in the principles of human rights, freedom, democracy, etc., they would have moved to end the isolation imposed on Ocelan 18 years ago. But those organizations that participated in the abduction of Ocelan do not believe in its principles, but work for its economic and political interests.

* Ocelan repeatedly called for the holding the National Congress. What is the role of the Kurdish parties in revealing the health status of Ocelan, and whether these parties play their role in this domain, and why?

The establishment and holding of a national conference is the unification of Kurdish policy in all parts of Kurdistan, which is a necessary step to solve the Kurdish cause in the Middle East, where we see that the occupied countries of the parts of Kurdistan unite and work together against the Kurdish people, not against Commander Abdullah Ocelan only in terms of isolation And the lack of disclosure of his health, we saw months ago how Iraq, Iran and Turkey united together against the Kurdistan region during the referendum, but unfortunately the political forces in southern Kurdistan (Başûr) see daily these agreements and unity between the enemies of the Kurdish people but does not seek to establish a Kurdish unit against This unit is hostile to the Kurdish people

You are in the Committee for Freedom of the leader Ocelan, what are the activities you are organizing in Başûr Kurdistan to reveal Ocelan’s health status? How do you evaluate the activities that are taking place in this context in Kurdistan and Europe?

We established the Freedom Committee of Ocelan in Başûr Kurdistan in 2007, when information was received about the poisoning of Ocelan with poisonous substances in Imerali. Since then, this committee has held many conferences and seminars on the health situation of Ocelan in Imerali prison. We also collected millions of signatures in Başûr Kurdistan to end the isolation and freeing Ocelan And organized demonstrations to draw the attention of the responsible authorities to the health situation of Ocelan. In the future we have a program to develop these activities in terms of quality and quantity.

We will also convince officials and relevant countries that meetings with Ocelan which are very important for solving the problems of the Middle East with his ideas and philosophy of democracy, which calls for equality between peoples, peace and democracy, equality between women and men and democratic treatment of all religions and sects in the Middle East.