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First workshop to re-cast aluminum in al-Tabqa area

AL-TABQA-The General Construction Establishment (Aluminum Slot) inaugurated its first business a few days ago as part of the Executive Council’s efforts in the Democratic Civil Administration to promote small and medium-sized economic enterprises and promote the economy of the region with semi-sufficiency.TIBQA-PÊWÎSTIYA YEKEM A KU LI ALUMINUMÊ VEGUHESTIN ‫‬ (2)

The General Construction Corporation, which is located in the central plaza east of the main market in the city of al-Tabqa, built a special building with a thermal furnace up to 2000 ° C containing a basin to remove the pieces of aluminum extracted from the destroyed public buildings because they were destroyed by mercenary groups in the seven Years in the city as well as the use of the structures of military equipment out of service, which has long been used by the forces that previously controlled the area of al-Tabqa before liberation within the military industry.

Nasser al-Obaid who is the manager of workshop said “The time of smelting of raw aluminum takes about four hours.

“The furnace consists of a 5 mm thick sheet, a thermal insulation stone, sand and coal. Coal is used to sort the dirt from the smelting process. The furnace is 60 cm below ground level to collect the molten aluminum, and the furnace produces about 2 tons of aluminum.NASER

In addition to the furnace and metal shears, rectangular blocks with a length of 10 cm in height are poured into the liquefied aluminum through metal handles of steel. Within minutes, the dissolved metal cooled and an alloy of 6 kg is obtained.

The workshop is based on the efforts of 4 workers producing between 100 and 120 aluminum alloys per day.

It is worth mentioning that the General Construction Corporation has already launched several medium workshops, the most recent of which are the container manufacturing workshops .