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Gaza Strip hospitals out of service , Palestinian patients: Here we await death


GAZA-Fatigue increased in the face of the child Anam Hwajri – 9 years old – the dialysis session postponed for another day in the new hospital, because of the huge number of children who continue this operation, and the closure of a number of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, which was distributed by the number of kidney patients, because the lack of the fuel to operate the medical devices of these hospitals.

Not only did al-Durra Hospital, which Anam was in its dialysis department, it is a a health center for more than 100,000 children from the eastern Gaza Strip receiving treatment and receiving about 150-180 different medical conditions..XIZA-FLASTIN-1-300x197

Waiting the death is harder than the death itself

The father of the child Ali Zahir “My son is in a bad state and the timing of his dialysis is going to lead to the loss of my only son, this is a disaster kidney dialysis is the only way to keep him alive. “

The crisis is severe

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced a few days ago, the cessation of a new number of generators for health centers in the Gaza Strip due to the depletion of fuel needed to operate.

A spokesman for the ministry d. Ashraf al-Qadra said “The severe fuel crisis experienced by the Ministry of Health in Gaza caused the cessation of generators in seven health centers.”XIZA-FLASTIN-1-300x169

He stressed that the health services in Gaza are continuing to decline after a number of them stopped at Beit Hanoun Hospital and al-Durra Children’s Hospital and transferred their patients to other hospitals because of the crisis.