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Gel –Agha Youth denouncing international conspiracy

QAMISHLO -Hundreds of young people took part in a foot march in Gel- Agha condemning the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.

The Rojava Youth Federation in Gel- Agha district organized  on Wednesday evening march from the entrance to Gel- Agha district and toured the main street in the town, denouncing the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.2018_2_15_MESE_CIWANE_JIBO_SEROKATI (4)

And raised the youth pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan and chanted slogans, “We are all your leader our leader, no life without the leader, freedom to you my leader.”

The participants gathered in the center of the market in the area of Gel- Agha, where the Administrative of  Rojava Shafie Nazal was delivered a speech in which he said: “Today we stand in the history of the painful memory of the anniversary, the arrest of the philosopher of age and the spectator of the democratic nation, leader Abdullah Ocelan. We stand today in the history of the plot, The free will of the peoples, to eliminate all the hope of oppressed peoples to gain their freedom, but they failed so and today hundreds of thousands of people are fighting for the freedom of the leader. “

“They thought they could withhold our sun, but they do not know that the truth is unbeatable, they imprisoned the leader, but his ideology has spread throughout the world.”

The march ended with slogans and cheers that glorify the martyrs and revive the resistance of age and call for freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.