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“Golden Crescent” Center for Culture and Art in Afrin opened

AFRIN -The Center for Culture and Art in Afrin canton opened the “Golden Crescent” Center for Women, in recognition of the continuity of women’s bid for the foundations of beauty, culture and artEFRIN-VEKIRINA-NAVENDA-KEVANA-ZERIN (4)

Under the motto of “The Authenticity of Kurdish Culture and Art, Women Lead Freedom arenas”, the Center for Culture and Art opened a special center for women in addition to the Golden Crescent Center.

The opening ceremony was decorated by pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, photos of martyrs, canton’s flag and Kongra Star flag.

The opening ceremony was attended by members of the Culture and Art Movement and the Culture Authority, members of the Star Conference, Women Asayîş, the Council of Martyrs’ Families, and the residents of Afrin. Several congratulatory telegrams were also received at the opening of the Center.ŞIIYRAZ HEMO

Sheraz Hemo confirmed that they would continue developing women not only from the artistic and cultural side but from all community sides.

On her part, member of the Executive Body of North Syrian Federation Rohlat Aref pointed out that this step is an important historical step for women because women were crowned on throne of their folklore, and can do a lot through their thought, and the golden crescent which was founded with the blood of the martyrs of artists would motivate each woman to broaden the range of her ambitions inside the community.

After that, the Young Women’s band of the Culture and Art Center presented several folkloric dances.ROHLAT AREF

Then the mothers of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation cut the opening tape amidst the applause and chants of the mothers.

The ceremony ended with holding rings and dancing on the revolutionary songs.