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Graduation 2nd session of Scientific Youth Institute in al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA – The Scientific Youth Institute for Rehabilitation and Training at the government farm of al-Raqqa city took its second session with the participation of 32 members of the youth during a ceremony.REQA-DWIKRNA-BIRORDI (2)

With the participation of 32 youth members, the Youth Education and Training Institute of the Youth and Sports Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council took the second training course.

The course lasted for 45 days, during which they received intellectual courses, media lessons and computer lessons in order to develop them so that they could play their role in managing and organizing the community.

The graduation ceremony was attended by dozens of villagers from al-Hekomiah farm, members of al-Raqqa Civil Council and the General Coordinator of the Syrian Youth Council.REQA-DWIKRNA-BIRORDI (1)

During the ceremony, a speech was given by the General Secretariat of the Youth of Syria in al-Raqqa, Athar Abdul Hakim congratulated young graduates of the New Year and said, “I congratulate the graduates of their second session, and pointed out through this course that our youth could remove the barbaric thought of their minds, “With The Youth We Began and With The Youth We Will Win.”

The graduating members provided a theater performance as well as poetry.

The graduation ceremony concluded with dancing in rings on al-Raqqa folklore.