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Graduation first course of women in al -Tabqa


AL-TABQA – The Syrian Women’s Democratic Academy graduated in al-Tabqa area west al-Raqqa province openinig  the first training course after more than three decades to open it.

The first course  under the name of the martyred “Barin Kobani”, who was martyred while facing the attack of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs on Qurana village in Bulbul district at Afrin canton northwest Syria.

After a minute of silence, the administration of the Women’s Council in al-Tabqa and its countryside  Barjin Mohammed confirmed said “The resistance of the age against the Turkish occupation lasted 46 days and no victory has been achieved and the resistance continues and will continue.”

During the 25-day course, the trainees received lectures on the history of women struggling and the importance of training.

She pointed to the duty of trainees to participate in resisting the age by spreading democratic thought said “We may not be able to participate in the fighting fronts in Afrin, but we are here in the class. What we have received in the academy will be deployed within the institutions and the community. This will be the biggest support for Afrin’s resistance”

The second course is scheduled to start at the end of March.

Said one of the trainees at the Syrian Women’s Democratic Academy Suhaila al-Hussein “We at this academy have learned a lot of things, including the importance of training for every human being, criticism and self-criticism,”