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Hadia Yusuf: Turkey used Syrian people ,directed their guns to Syrians

AL-SHEHBA-Hadia Yusuf said that the Turkish occupation brought all the Radical groups from all over the world under the name of Islam to Syria. “Turkey uses the Syrian people and their guns were directed against the Syrians in Afrin.


The co- chair of the Constituent Assembly of Northern Democratic Federation in Syria Hadia Yusuf’s met with the people of al-Shehba canton to denounce the international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan and discuss the latest developments in the region.

The meeting was held in the school of Ahrz district in the presence of hundreds of people from the district of Ahras, Kafarnaya and Tel Refaat.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, and then Yousuf denounced at the beginning the international plot and the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan.

She said “This painful anniversary, which we consider to be a black day for all peoples, we deplore all the countries that contributed to the implementation of this conspiracy and the arrest of our leader. “

She added that Turkey has joined forces with many countries against the Kurdish movement, which aims to revolt against injustice and tyranny, and noted that Turkish fascism still insists on continuing this conspiracy and eliminating the thought of freedom of the peoples.

On the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and his mercenaries on Afrin, she said that the Turkish occupation army brought all the radical groups from all over the world under the name of Islam to Syria.

She noted that “The attack on Afrin came according to agreements between the Russians and Turkey, which said that it would enter Afrin in a short period, but the people in Afrin resisted the Turkish occupation.”