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Hediya Youssef: Turkey attempts to get area into battle, peoples’ will to triumph


AL-SHAHBA- The co-chair of the constituent council of North-Syria Federation Hediya Youssef stated that Turkey, during its occupying attacks against Afrin, attempts to get the area into a long battle, and said, “After 26 days of resistance, the peoples of the area proved that they are the people of this land, and they would not leave it; moreover, the will of the peoples would triumph.”

The speech of Hediya Youssef came in a meeting held with the people in Fafin village in al-Shahba canton in Afrin region to discuss the recent developments which the area is witnessing, and hundreds of people attended.

Hediya Youssef stated in the beginning of her speech, “Afrin’s resistance proved to the whole word that the people of the area would not leave the land, and they would continue defending it till the last breath.”

Hediya Youssef continued, “We are living a sensitive and important stage of the revolution, Turkey attempts to eliminate the philosophy of freedom in order to keep the area unstable.” Hediya added, “The aim of this policy is flaming the fans of crises in the area, and entering it into a long battle by stirring the seditions among the peoples.”

Hediya noted, “Turkey is working to have an allocation in the new division that is taking place in the Middle East so that what is happening on Afrin land it a battle of occupying the Syrian lands by the Turks. This battle is not only against our people in Afrin; rather, it is against all Syria and its people’s dignity. Moreover, Turkey is managing now to obstruct the development of the democratic solution.”

The co-chair of the constituent council of North-Syrian Federation Hedyia Youssef also saluted the resistance of the fighters of People Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin. Hediya also valued the resistance of the people by sticking to their land in spite of the violent bombardment that reached their houses and possessions.

Hediya Youssef also condemned the international silence towards what is ongoing in Afrin; attacks against the people by the Turkish aggression.

And Hediya condemned on the same time the international conspiracy that reached the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan on February 15.