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Here is what happened in al-Shahba during 3 days

AL-SHAHBA- The Turkish intelligence and IS gangs are carrying out systematic displacement operation against Kurds in al-Shahba occupied areas, in addition to looting, stealing, kidnapping operations and abusing Kurds and Arabs opponent to the Turkish occupation army’s violations.SEHBA-ERISEN-DEWLETA-TIRK-LI-SER-HEREMA-SEHBA1 ‫(1)‬

The Turkish occupation army is still cooperating with its mercenaries to change the population of the Kurdish villages that are held by the occupation in al-Shahba areas.

Overt looting and stealing operations

Eyewitnesses in al-Shahba areas told our agency that the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries’ gangs are stealing the Kurdish civilians’ homes in Tal Batal, Noman, Qa’er Kalbeen villages, in addition to a number of other villages.SEHBA-ERISEN-DEWLETA-TIRK-LI-SER-HEREMA-SEHBA1 ‫(1)‬

The Turkish occupation army raided the homes in the mentioned villages, and frisked women, in addition to looting vehicles, motorbikes and even mobile phones.

Stealing weapons

A military column consisted of about 100 military black vehicles loaded by masked men wearing black cloths entered the three villages and stole the citizens’ weapons including guns and pistols.

Raising Turkish and the mercenaries’ flags above homes

In Tal Batal, Numan and Qa’er Kalbeen villages, the Turkish army and its mercenaries obliged the people to raise the Turkish and mercenaries’ flags above their houses.

Insults and attacks by beating the Kurds

During this operation that was launched three day ago, the Kurdish citizens among them women were beaten, cursed and insulted by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.SEHBA-ERISEN-DEWLETA-TIRK-LI-SER-HEREMA-SEHBA1 ‫(1)‬

An overt aggression against Kurds

Eyewitnesses said that the Turkish intelligence elements said to the Kurdish families in Akhtareen town “you have nothing to do here, you must leave, your place is not here”.

In Bar’oun “Aq Burhan” village, some of Arab citizens opposed on the Turkish occupation army violations. Moreover, the Turkish occupation army did not approve of this opposition so they kidnapped Arab citizens.

“You will long to IS”

Eyewitnesses added “the Turkish intelligence announced that the Kurds will see from them what they would not see from IS, you will long to IS days”.

The occupation army does not mind if a naked woman would go out

In one of the homes which was raided by the Turkish occupation army accompanied by the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sham, a woman asked the occupation army to slow down and wait till she would have worn her cloths, but the occupation army obliged her to go nakedly. Moreover, one of the occupation soldiers addressed the woman “you can go out nakedly”

Old people kidnapped by the Turkish army, they will be sentenced in Turkey

The Turkish occupation army kidnaped about 30 citizens among them women and old people at about 65, and took them to Arshaf village that is 15 km west of Akhtareen town.

A number of the kidnapped families headed towards Kilis state to inquire about the kidnapped, and the Kilis Wali told them that it was an order from Ankara “, and the kidnapped would be sentenced in Turkey”