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Hikmat Habib: War continues as result of conflicting international ,regional interests



GIRE SIPI-A member of the presidential body of the Syrian Democratic Council  (SDC) Hikmat Habib said that all the international countries that undertake to maintain security and peace of states do not do what is necessary to stop the war in the region, and stressed that”We are witnessing a conflict of international and regional interests with the objective of striking the federalism project”We are not doing what is needed to stop the war in the region. In North Syria and control their regions and achieve their goals and policies”

Hawar newws agency (ANHA) interviewed with Hikmat Habib to discuss the latest political and military developments in the region

Habib said: “The Syrian crisis is over by the end of its seventh year. The country is still engaged in a great conflict as a result of the conflict of international and regional interests. We in North Syria had a different view of what happened inside the Syrian country, so we moved to fight terrorism and preserve the infrastructure in the country. To hold conferences and meetings that did not come out any decision to stop the war and calls the parties to agree or hold a truce. “

“Syria will not get stability unless it recognizes Syrian Democratic Forces SDF”

Habib said during his speech that peace and stability in Syria will not be implemented unless Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have a seat in their meetings because the only forces that were present on the ground and fought IS gangs with all their strength and defended their land.

“All the victories and great achievements that have been achieved are evaluated as forces that do not exist on the ground and are deliberately absent, especially by the Turkish state, and pressure the international community not to participate in such meetings as Geneva and others.”

Turkey and by attacking Afrin proved fear of the extension of the project of the democratic nation and fraternity of peoples

Habib continued his speech that “Turkey and through its attack on Afrin proved its fear and fear of the extension of the federal project and the democratic nation. As well as the liberation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) al-Raqqa  city of IS gangs and is currently fighting in Deir –ez-Zor city all these things did not admire the government of justice and development and launched the latest aggression on Afrin exceeded all international laws and customs to devote the Turkish state once again occupation and occupied the former Graves and pride and the door for the re-glories Ottoman Empire “.

Where Turkey has been since the 20th of January last aggression on Afrin aimed at occupation, as Jarablus and al-Bab and used in this aggression, terrorist  gangs of remnants of IS gangs , Jabhit al-Nusra and al-Qaeda.

Hikmat Habib expressed confidence in Afrin’s ability to make a victory at the expense of fascism by resisting its heroes and its sons, who have shown great resistance on the front lines.

“We appeal to the international community that there is a society where there is a people being destroyed in Syria and North Syria there is warplanes bombarding a safe city that no one has entered as IS gangs to Afrin to legitimize this occupation It is known that the province of Afrin throughout the crisis was a “safe area” and embraced all Syrians, and other than that is an attack on Syrian sovereignty.

He also appealed to Habib the Syrian state and the Syrian government to have a serious position of blatant aggression, and expressed concern about the possibility of an international deal to hand over Afrin, as happened in Adlib city by granting to the Turkish state, “Erdogan and  IS gangs  two sides are two sides of one coin and the practices carried out by mercenaries and the occupation army Turkish proves this.