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His age did not hinder him playing lute



ALEPPO – His young age did not hinder him learning to play the lute instrument as he goes to Culture and Art Center in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood three times a week.  HELAB-ZAROK-FIR-CANEDYE-XA-DEBIN1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

In spite of the huge destruction that was caused the neighborhood, most of Sheikh Maqsoud people did not leave their homes, rather, they speeded to organize themselves.

The protection does not limit to repelling the enemies’ attacks only while it includes the protection of culture and art because they are necessary to recognize other peoples’ customs and cultures. Moreover, Jamil Horo Center for Culture and Art is considered the first institution of the Kurdish component in September, 2011. This institution helped people especially children to be aware of Kurdish people’s traditions and cultures.

The child Hassen Bakir Ash grew up in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood and in spite of what the neighborhood witnessed; battles, clashes, his family did not exit the neighborhood, and in the result of his eagerness to play especially on lute instrument, he was frequently going to the center to learn, but the center’s door has been closed several times in the result of clashes and fearing about the children’s safety.

After the neighborhoods which had been held by AKP-backed mercenaries was liberated, and security and safety restored to the neighborhood, Culture and Art Center has reopened again.HELAB-ZAROK-FIR-CANEDYE-XA-DEBIN1 ‫(1)‬

While we entered the center, the child Hassen Bakir Ash whose age is 10 years old was playing with enthusiasm and courage.

Hassen has been frequently going to Culture and Art Center since five months, and he goes to the center three times ago.

Hassen said “I dream to learn to become a teacher and teach the generation to come as the lute instrument is one of the traditional musical instruments of the Kurdish component.

Today, dozens of the neighborhood’s children go to Culture and Art Center in order to learn their Culture.