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His father discovered his talent, became youngest member of his family’s band


QAMIŞLO- His parents discovered his beautiful voice at the age of 5, singing in Arabic and Kurdish, playing the tambourine machine, dreaming to become a doctor in the future as well as practicing his hobbies and became the youngest member of his family ‘s band named”  Zalal martyr”.QAMISLO-CAND-O-HUNIAR (9)

The 10-year-old Walid Talal al-Sheikh has a beautiful voice, sings in both Arabic and Kurdish languages, as well as playing the tambourine”, and has an automatic performance.

The coincidence alone has played a major role in the discovery of the talent of the Kurdish child’s talent but it is remarkable that Walid proved that the children of his generation have creative energies, and that the new generation has aspirations that are compatible with the age and interact with the data of life.

The child Walid from Qamishlo city, has 7 brothers: Ain al-Hayat, Kawthar and good guitar playing, Julnar is a violinist, Malka, Dunia, Hussein and Sheikhmous.

Walid began singing at the age of 5 with songs he heard from television, which made his parents discover the wonderful talent and throat of their child.QAMISLO-CAND-O-HUNIAR (3)

“We are the family of the martyr Zalal. I have 7 children, 3 young men and 4 girls. There is no difference between them. We formed a musical band from the family. We called the album ‘Zalal’ for my daughter the martyr” Zalal “who was martyred in the” Guerilla “.

The band formed by Walid ‘s family consists of 5 members: Walid, the youngest in the band, who considers himself the leader of the orchestra, plays tambourine, Kawther plays guitar, Julnar plays violin,

They train together on a daily basis to help sharpen Walid’s talent

All the songs singed by Walid talk about the martyrs, especially his sister, the martyr Zalal, which generates a strange obsession that made him perform better.

At his beginning with singing his father recalls that Walid sang at a party organized in his school and was admired by many teachers and attended by his father because of his ability to play and sing decided to polish his talent.QAMISLO-CAND-O-HUNIAR (10)

Walid ‘s father said that when he discovered the tendencies of his son he asked him about the talent that he wants to develop, he replied that he wants to receive lessons to play. This is why his father buys him musical instruments worth 1.5 million S.P  to develop and polish Walid’s talent.

It is noteworthy that his superiority in school and excessive love for his parents and brothers made him a great place with his family, was spoiled among them.

Although Walid aspires to be a doctor in the future, he will continue to practice his art and develop his talents even if he achieved his dream of becoming a doctor..