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History repeats itself in al-Raqqa



NEWS DESK- It is said that history repeats itself, and the reality is what is ongoing in al-Raqqa now resembles what happened in Nineveh 2500 years ago.

at that time, the Medes led the revolutions of the Middle East peoples against Zahhak Empire to achieve a safe and stable life for the peoples of the area, and Kurds today are leading the revolution of the area’s peoples by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Rojava and north of Syria areas against IS mercenaries to get rid of them in their so-called capital city al-Raqqa. Moreover, SDF also include Assyrian and Arab youths.

IS terrorism and Zahhak’s oppression would not be a rulers of peoples. Zahhak is the reason of Assyrian peoples falling and IS mercenaries are alike as they are the reason of losing the Arab peoples. Al-Raqqa liberation campaign is considered a campaign of rescuing people, men and women, old people and all categories of society. It is a campaign of rescuing this people to live a safe and stable free life, and this eagerness could be seen in the children and mothers’ eyes who reach safe areas held by SDF.

One of the American writers said that the force that would be able to bring IS flag down in their so-called capital city al-Raqqa and placing its flag instead, their name would be registered in history because people suffered so much at the hands of the owners of black flags so al-Raqqa liberation campaign means a lot as it does not only aim at getting rid of IS mercenaries’ authority and oppression, rather, it also would remove the chauvinist and reactionary in the Middle East. In addition, SDF victory in al-Raqqa would contribute in achieving democracy, freedom, fraternity and equality among the peoples.

On the other hand, this victory indicates the end of AKP and IS mercenaries’ oppression, chauvinist and sectarianism.

These victories are Kava the Blacksmith’s, and al-Raqqa would be turned into a cemetery for the new fascist and the contemporary likes of Zahhak. Furthermore, People Protection Units (YPG) commanders say that al-Raqqa would be liberated during two months, and this victory would be like a new Newroz for the Middle East peoples.