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“I will get over disease like YPG, YPJ defeated terrorists”

TIRBÊ SIPΖ “I will get over this disease like our forces YPG, YPJ defeated the terrorist forces in Rojava, north Syria”, these were the last words the martyr Khalil Kalou uttered before his death, repeated by administrative director Mehmet Salim of the Union of Intellectuals in in Tirbê Sipî.TERPSBI-XLEIL KALO ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Khalil Khalou was commemorated in the Academy of Martyr Yekta Heracul on the second anniversary of his death by dozens of people and Autonomous Administration institutions and bodies members in the area of (Tirbê Sipî) and its countryside of the canton of Qamishlo in Cizîre region during ceremony.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence, after which many speeches were delivered, including the Association of the intellectuals of Cizîre-Tirbê Sipî branch Mohammed Salim Ajo. At the beginning of his speech, he paid his condolences to the family of the martyr who has lost his life after a conflict with irremediable disease. And said “he was an important member of the family and the union as well, the martyr was an example in ideals, knowledge, culture and the goodness of his heart and broad-minded thought.”TERPSBI-XLEIL KALO ‫(140378628)‬ ‫‬

“He was a source of strength and self-confidence to us when he said I will defeat this disease like our forces, YPJ and YPG, defeated the terrorist forces,” he said at the end of his speech

In the name of the martyr’s family, his nephew Xebat Kalou confirmed that they were be walking after his footsteps because he was the base of the family who was consulted by the young and elderly as he had a beautiful spirit and broad mind. He played a major role in spreading Kurdish identity and culture.

In the end, many poems were delivered, including a poem entitled “I Am the Martyr” delivered by poet Avin Mohamed and dedicated to the spirit of martyr Khalil Kalou and all the martyrs of freedom.