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In 1st step to revive the sport… Training football players in al-Raqqa

 AL-RAQQA – The Youth and Sport Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council has begun to rehabilitate and train al-Mashlab football team in a move to restore sports to the city.HAMOUD

In order to restore the youthful spirit of youth after 4-year hiatus, al-Mashlab football team began its first training at the youth sports stadium in the city.

Where the Committee of Youth and Sport clean the stadium of “al-Shabiba” located in the neighborhood al-Mashlab. IS gangs prohibited the people in al-Raqqa city to practice their hobby in playing football for the past 4 years.

“Hamoud Ahmed al-Hamoud, a football player in the team of al-Mashlab, said “Today will be our first training on the pitch and all the players in the training have high morale and are enthusiastic” Pointing out that work is under way in the next few days