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In order to maintain  cleanliness of al-Tabqa launching workshop for Dumpsters’ industry


AL-TABQA – The Civil Administration in al-Tabqa area has launched a number of small and medium projects and workshops .

The Finance Committee, under the guidance of the Executive Council of al-Tabqa area, initiated a number of new workshops within the workshop complex located in the western part of al-Tabqa city.TIBQA-JI-BO-KU-DERSA-PAQIJ-BIMÎNIN-1-300x200

One of the most important of these workshops is the workshop on the manufacture of large Dumpsters of 200 liters and small or known baskets 50 liters.

This project came in view of the urgent need both for the city or its countryside to Dumpsters, most of which have become weary because they have not been replaced for nearly 10 years.

The Finance Committee has already opened a workshop to manufacture a small iron smelting plant.

Over the past few days, this workshop has produced more than 50 small containers and the same kind of park Dumpsters with the efforts of ten workers, who are divided into several specialties of cutting, welding and painting.TIBQA-JI-BO-KU-DERSA-PAQIJ-BIMÎNIN-2-300x200

Containers are characterized by higher quality than those imported due to the thickness of iron and steel used in manufacturing.

The workshop is scheduled to continue until all the needs of the municipalities of al-Tabqa area of containers of various sizes are met.

It is worth mentioning that the central area includes many workshops dealing with the manufacture of office furniture and water tanks .