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Indications of changing Russian position against Turkish aggression on Afrin

NEWS DESK- Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Oleg Seromolotov, said that the Turkish aggression on Afrin could lead to further destabilization in the region.

This statement may be a Russian official, the beginning of a change in the official Russian position, comes in parallel with French calls for a Turkish withdrawal from Syrian lands, and repeated Iranian demands to stop the Turkish aggression on Afrin.

Seromolotov in commenting on Turkey’s aggression against Afrin in northwestern Syria since Jan. 20 said  “We have to say with great regret that a new hotbed of tension is spreading in Syria.

Seromolotov said The Russian statements are suspicious of Turkey’s intentions, especially as the latter attempts to establish what it calls an observation point in the countryside of Aleppo but has been shelled by the regime’s forces amid reinforcements launched by Russia in its air defense system in the Aleppo countryside. Observers believe it came to counter any possible Turkish action against the regime.

As usual, the Russian official tried to point the finger at the United States, saying that the divergence of American and Turkish interests in the region is widening.

He added, according to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, “Nevertheless, the development of the situation in Afrin is fabricated because of the actions of the Americans and may actually lead to further destabilization in this region.”

Seromolotov did not say that his country gave Turkey the green light to launch attacks on Afrin.