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Instead of Conference, Kurdish youth coordinator will hold meeting to support resistance of age


 QAMISHLO –Spokeswomen of the Kurdish youth coordinator in Rojava said that they would not hold their second conference which was scheduled to take place at the end of March due to the continuing attacks by the Turkish occupation on Afrin. They said they would hold an extensive meeting to discussing  how to support the resistance of the age in Afrin .

The Kurdish youth coordinator in Rojava had earlier decided during a meeting that they would hold their second conference at the end of March, but according to the official spokesmen of the coordinators of Amad Mamou and AbdulGhani Omar, a meeting was approved instead of the Conference.

The officailspoke of the Kurdish youth coordinator in Rojava The first Confraas was held on 31 March with the participation of 16 political parties and five social organizations, and there has been the announcement of a coordinator for the Kurdish youth  in Rojava

Amed Memo noted  during her speech that the second conference will not be held on time and will hold an expanded meeting instead on March 10 to discuss the resistance of the  age and how to support them.

Amed pointed that “We, as young people in North Syria have declared our participation in the general alarm and we once again declare our support and support for the general alarm in all ways to resistence of  the age,”

For his part, spokesman for the Youth Coordinator Abdul Ghani Omar said that the meeting will be the slogan “in the spirit of resistance to the age towards a national union”

Omar called on all parties and organizations to join the Coordinating Committee to work together for national unity, because it is the protection of the inheritance of the blood of martyrs and the protection of national values of Kurdistan.