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 International fighter :Resistence of Afrin ‘s peolpe increased faith in victory against tyrants


AFRIN – I heard about the Revolution of Rojava as a revolution of struggle against injustice and dictatorship, wanted to see them closely, and went to al-Jazeera region and participated in “al-Jazeera Tempast ” campaign against IS gangs but the revolution did not stop then headed to Afrin canton and joined to Resistance of Age to fight Chauvinism and occupation This is what the international fighter “.

The revolution of Rojava was imprinted in the minds of dozens of internationals who knew the basis of Rojava revolution. They went to the regions of Rojava to support the revolution. The Turkish aggression was linked to the attacks and occupation of the Afrin canton which caused dozens of nations to go to Afrin and fight the dictatorship and chauvinism. Believing in the victory of a fighting and resisting people.

I heard about Roajava revolution, and wanted to have a fingerprint in it

Helen, a 26-year-old German, studied French literature but stopped studying in 2011 for her rebellion against the concept of a state that requires suffocation and control over the citizen’s mind without giving him room to think or make decisions.

Her rebellion began at the university when she revolt against the administration of her university, which imposed on students to pay huge sums to supplement the study from time to time, and from there planted in itself the theory of injustice practiced on the people by the state.

Helen participated in the activities of the Kurdish Society abroad to support the revolution of Rojava and so her curiosity was to know the revolution of Rojava and against the uprisings of its people, and when I communicated with activists and personalities who know the revolution of Roajava closely and heard that the revolution of Rojava revolt against injustice and unjust order To a people who stood up to demand their right and freedom.

YPJ .. More women liberated, not as women of the West

When Helen participated in  “al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign to liberate the eastern countryside of Deir –ez-Zor from IS gangs  who had lived with the fighters of  Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), she kept close contact with them and saw with her own eyes how the female fighters were from (YPJ) and what their goal was.

“I know perfectly well that female fighters of Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)are the most liberated women, who defend against those who  revolt and that their participation in war battles is not to fight a terrorist organization, but to fight male mentality and dictatorship,” says Helen, who refused to reveal her face or record.

Helen said that the whole world sees Western women as the most liberal women, but the women of her country know nothing about freedom. She sees women’s freedom in intellectual and conceptual terms among (YPJ). They have a strong personality and an unmatched will.

“Wherever I am fascist I will be, so I will fight with Resistence of Age “

Helene says that the Turkish state is the most dictatorship and Fascist state to fight against a revolutionary people who rebelled against the Baathist regime and wanted its rights and freedom. The only forces that fought IS gangs and broke their throats. She described what is happening in Afrin now as a new revolution against the fascist resistance and struggle of the people against a second army in alliance” NATO”.

Helen noted that what she saw in the eyes of the people of Afrin and their belief in victory against the war planes of the Turkish occupation army, confirmed that this people can not be defeated or weakened by resistance and will