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Iran’s uprising ongoing, obstruction to discuss it at Security Council 

NEWS DESK- The public uprising in Iran entered its 10th day, and there is information about the Turkish Azerbaijanis participation for the first time amid the Russia and other states obstruction to propose it by the US at the Security Council.

The Iranian uprising, expanding within a number of the cities, and more than 25 victims have fallen till now, in addition to wounding dozens, and arresting hundreds. is still ongoing.

Turkish demonstrators in Tabriz city north of Iran clashed against a military unit at the first day of their joining the demonstrations that started 10 days ago from Mashhad city and expanded in an unprecedented manner since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

At an international reaction, the Security Council held on Friday a meeting to discuss the protests ongoing in Iran at the request of the US, while France, Russia, China and other countries considered these protests as not forming any threat against the international peace and security, and that do not deserve to be presented to the council. While the American ambassador of the US Nikki Haley warned the Iranian authorities that the world is observing their response to the demonstrations.

The French delegate, in turn, considered that the Iranian demonstrations do not threaten the international peace and security in an indication that the file must not be gone through in the Security Council at an emergency session. The Russian ambassador considered that holding the meeting is a disparate attempt to deactivate the nuclear agreement between the international troops and Iran. Bolivia severely criticized the intervention into the Iranian affair, and it saw that the meeting discusses issues that do not get in the security council’s terms of reference, and it doubted Ethiopia that the council would be the appropriate platform to address the topic.

The acceptance of 9 members at least of 15 should be obtained on adding a new file to be discussed in the security council, and the veto should not used in this case.