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Iraqi parliament votes on all budget items in shadow of Kurdish boycott

NEWS DESK – The Iraqi Representatives Council voted on Saturday on all articles of the Financial Budget Law of 2018, without the Kurds participation.

According to Roj News news agency, said that the parliament voted on all articles of the budget law for the current year.

As the Council voted during its meeting on Saturday, the provincial elections law, and then decided to adjourn the meeting until next Monday.

The parliamentary of Kurdistan Patriotic Union bloc, Ferhad Kader said that the Kurdish blocs boycotted the meeting on Saturday to protest against not accepting their demands on the share of the regions budget.

The Speaker of the Parliament Salim al-Jubouri, on Saturday, that the Representatives Council ended in its current session the latest budgets of the country’s federal, and pointed out that the budget gave the Ministers Council to add allocations to address any shortage of salaries of the employees.