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Iraqi professor: Feb 15 conspiracy failed in achieving its goals


NEWS DESK-Iraqi professor and thinker Kazem Habib said “The Turkish political and sectarian dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has not achieved the desired goals of Ocelan’s arresting.”

Habib made a special statement to Hawar news agency on the anniversary of the arrest of 19 Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, and explained that” the conspiracy affects the Kurdish nation in all Kurdistan.”

He pointed out that “many forces and many countries and intelligence agencies participated in this criminal operation that led to the illegal arrest of Abdullah Ocelan”

‘Turkey fears the struggle of the Kurdish people’

Habib added that Turkey is afraid not only of the role and struggle of Abdullah Ocelan, but also of the struggle of the Kurdish people, which has increased in its parts that have been distributed since the end of the World War I in the countries of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. This is what we are aware of in the aggressive and shameful war led by the dictator who is against the Kurdish people and against the people of Syria in the Kurdish city Afrin. “

All the dictatorships in the region will be forced to respond to the rights of the Kurdish people’

Habib said “However, I have the conviction, long time or short, that all the dictatorships in the region will be forced to respond to the rights of the Kurdish people and to achieve a fair and legitimate dream of a national state and democracy. The rulers of Turkey will be forced to return eventually to a peaceful way of dealing with the Kurdish cause, and the attitude of the peoples and nations will change in the final outcome and gradually on this cause in favor of the Kurdish people. “

Habib touched upon the Kurds’ status in Bakur (North of Kurdistan) and said “The people in North Kurdistan suffer today from domination of the Turkish colonial state, the state that is gradually turning into a new Ottoman state that is very racist, tyrannical, and bloody, intervening in the affairs of the Kurds in northern Kurdistan.”

‘The conspiracy of February 15 failed

In response to a question about the international conspiracy to achieve its goals, Habib said “All those forces, states and intelligence services that participated or helped to arrest Ocelan have failed to achieve the direct central objective, namely, failed to break the struggle of the Kurdish people in northern Kurdistan, And failed to wrest the steadfastness of Abdullah Ocelan. On this basis, it can be said that Turkey and its new dictator failed to reach what they sought, but intensified and expanded the struggle of the Kurdish people. The Islamic political and sectarian dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, did not achieve the desired objectives of the arrest of Abdullah Ocelan, but he could have benefited from it in negotiating with him to resolve the Kurdish cause peacefully.