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IS’ Amir, the mouthpiece explains how Daesh collapsed

KOBANI- As Daesh lost many areas in the north and east of Syria, Turkish support was cut off and al-Raqqa was a matter of time as the end of the mercenaries was imminent, and the search for safe haven, but what Turkey offered in exchange for giving up when it was weak.

There were groups of mercenaries, military institutions and commanders, who had a great influence on the ground and had a policy of intimidation and control of the big cities simply. Three years in which everything ended, IS which was supported by several regional states and who fought an intellectual war and claimed to introducing persons to Islam, thus, thousands of young people were inspired to emigrate to Syria from various countries of the world, to join its ranks, despite all this Daesh collapsed, for what reason? When did Daesh begin to collapse where was the decisive strike.

In this interview with IS Amir Issam al-Din Adnan, also known as “Abu al-Mansur”, who was the “Amir” of the Girê Sipî \Tel Abyad crossing during the mercenary takeover of the city. He is now detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces. He talks about what mercenaries lived and civilians in the areas that were under the control of IS in Syria, and especially with the loss of slowly urging the areas that were controlled by, until the loss of the major battle in its capital, the alleged al-Raqqa city.

Kobani and Girê Sipî battles’ loss… The beginning of IS’ collapse, al-Raqqa was a matter of time!

Turkey did not find an ally but IS, which was following the intimidation policy in Syria to hit the Kurds, who were a stumbling stone in front of the Turkish project aimed at undermining the will of the people will and occupation of the area.

With the loss of Kobani battle and being inflicted untold losses, Turkish intelligence called for the opening of another front in the al-Jazeera canton to ease the attacks on Daesh in Kobani canton, but soon Daesh lost Girê Sipî city, which was the lifeline for it, where ammunition and migrant fighters were effectively crossing into Syria from the Girê Sipî/Tel Abyad crossing.

Issam al-din Adnan says that Turkey has considered that the connecting Kobani and al-Jazeera canton to each other is impossible and should not happen. “The loss of the organization was a painful blow to Turkey and a warning at the same time, and we all knew that the organization put to an end, al-Raqqa was only a matter of time, and with our loss of Manbij city, morale of the IS fighters collapsed, so that some of them fled outside Syria, with their weapons and explosive belts and crossed the Syrian border into the Turkish interior and even carried out some of them suicide bombings such as bombing that targeted youth in the Saroj area.

Most came to Syria for one reason, but the tricky Turkish trap was present

Issam al-Din says of what the mercenaries call the “immigrants” who came to Syria as “supporting the Islamic religion and lifting injustice from their brethren, who were subjected to the oppression of the Syrian regime, with the exception of some who tricked them for money and personal pleasures. “He added,” We came to defend the honour of Muslims, so that we have an independent entity we Muslims, and this was our dream.
What we came for was not achieved, there was clear racism, so that our treatment of people was not according to Islamic law, and the people were systematically impoverished, there was no education, 3 years passed, ignorance was at every corner, there was nothing but formal institutions such as al-Hesbah, the court … etc., and it turned out that we were working for Turkey and to implement its interests and even I was a side to those relations and agreements that were taking place, but we fell into the Turkish trap without knowing.”

The war in al-Raqqa was to delay SDF and Global Coalition, and some of IS mercenaries were present in Turkey

Some may wonder about IS mercenaries for those who suddenly disappeared, and their inability to withstand their alleged capital, al-Raqqa city. Adnan points out that the Turkish government has seen that a supporter has become on the edge of the abyss. It has been proven more than once that the Turkish government has supported the past, Turkey wants to evade the international courts and the biggest evidence is the play performed in Jarablus and Mara and al-Bab.

Issam al-Din Adnan said “The organization has not been able to get support or to fight for a cause, because it was fighting for Turkey and several other countries. The organization has been in a quandary recently, but it has convinced some fighters to resist in al-Raqqa city against SDF, till their leaders seek refuge in other places, after thousands of them went to Turkey and they are now in several cities of Turkey, especially in Istanbul city, and this is provided by Turkey, in addition to it entered Syria and fights on behalf of IS.