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IS collapsed… confessions of IS mercenaries revealed veil -1


Turkey is the safe bridge for reaching IS anywhere


NEWS DESK- The mercenaries of different nationalities; Arab and foreign have joined IS mercenaries with the influence of the ideas that have been circulated in the media or the views of the claimants of political Islam with anonymous objectives to the affected and seduced who have not known what are the repercussions of these objectives, who are behind them and for what benefit they are? As for crossing, all the ways to support IS logistically and humanly lead to Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

This information will be further clarified through Hawar news agency’s investigative works held with a number of IS mercenaries who are at the hands of People Protection Units (YPG), and who have been arrested at different times by Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) counter-terrorism battles in north of Syria as some of their confessions will be shown in the form of videos and written reports for the public opinion.

This episode of a group of foreign terrorists from Algeria, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia will be centered on how they joined Daesh, the ways that they walked through and how their style of life was within an IS alleged Islamic state.

ID information of 3 IS mercenaries:

Wissam bin Hussein Bo Saha

A young man born in 1991 in Monster city in the state of Tunisia, and joined IS mercenaries by Turkey in 2013.

The mercenary Nawaf Sayel al-Otaibi

Born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia, Makkah, al-Sharaya neighborhood. He joined the mercenaries in Syria in 2013.

The mercenary Salim Rabeh al-Houti

He was born in Ain al-Daqen, Algeria in 1975, worked in the dairy trade and had a fast food shop in his hometown. He was married with two children.

Salim Rabeh al-Houti joined IS mercenaries in June 26, 2014 and married to a Syrian woman.

They have been influenced by the jihadist ideology prevailed in their countries after the revolutions, and by speeches of the sheikhs and their Arab media

The terrorist Bo Saha said that after the Tunisian revolution, the jihadist ideology began to grow and spread among the youth due to the many claimants for this thought and their ease of movement and control on the Tunisian street at that time. Bo Saha added that these things made him be influenced and join them saying “I have been influenced by the invitations of the sheikhs including those who praise al-Zarqawi and bin Laden through setting up tents to call the young people for Jihad, and that we commit sins and must be concluded with paradise and repentance. While the government, it was fragile and hard to eliminate the activists.”NEWAF SAYIL EL UTEBI

As for the idea of joining and jihad, Bo said, “I have joined IS influenced by talking about the arbitration of legislate of God, justice, succession, paradise and jihad.

Nawaf al-Otaibi, from Saudi origins, was influenced by the speeches and calls of the sheiks to support the Muslims in Syria and jihad in addition to inciting the Arab media to what is ongoing in Syria including massacres and killing the Sunni Muslims.

The mercenary Salim Rabeh al-Houti’s reason of his joining matched for al-Otaibi reason as al-Houti was influenced by the media, speeches and the apparent incitement of bombing, killing the Syrian people through the media and the Internet.

All roads lead to Turkey to support the terrorists logistically and humanly in Syria and Iraq

According to the terrorists about ways to reach the ranks of the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq, all roads lead to Turkey without others, despite the presence of countries closer to them such as Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Kurdistan Region where access to these countries is easy and allowed for all for the purpose of tourism, but the coordinators of IS told them to head to Turkey when they communicated them via Internet.

While Nawaf al-Otaibi who repeatedly tried to enter Syria via Jordan, but did not succeed so they told him that the road to IS mercenaries passes from Turkey to Syria without hindrance. The mosque of Ataturk Airport was a gathering point for a large gang of mercenaries to Syria.

Al-Otaibi added “at first, I tried to communicate via the Internet with the Free Army commanders to coordinate and reach Jabhet al-Nusra, but I did not succeed. Then, I headed to Jordan to enter Syria crossing the border. I have stayed in Jordan for two days at a hotel. I talked to many people by the Internet and in the area, and all of them told me to go to Turkey where the safe and easy way to the jihadists in Syria and Iraq is located.”SELIM RABIH HUTI

Al- Otaibi also stated “when I have arrived Ataturk Airport, I met a group of Arabs from various countries, mostly Libyan at the mosque of the airport where from we set off to Rihaniyah. Then, we entered the Syrian village of Atmah and from there, we went to Adlib. Moreover, who was driving us all the way was a Libyan man, and he was talking in Turkish by phone with someone else.” The mercenary Salim al-Houti said “I communicated with an Egyptian named Abu al-Bara al-Masri who insured for me the road to Turkey. In June 26, 2014, I left Algeria at 9 pm to Istanbul Airport. The next day, I went with a taxi driver after contacting Abu al-Bara and he coordinated with the driver and spoke in Turkish to took me to Gaziantep. There, in the parking lot, the Turkish gendarmerie stopped me for half an hour without any investigation or exposure, and then, they released me. At night we went by a Van car to a Turkish village, and then, a Moroccan IS mercenary called Abu Nessibah al-Maghrebi came and took us to Jarablos where the place was packed with mercenaries. Then, they divided us into 2 sections before entering the training camp, a section speak in Arabic and the other in Turkish, in addition to the European translators. The largest number in the camp was of the Turks.

Wissam Bo saha said “I had two friends from Tunisia joined IS who are Ahmed al-Geridi and Salim. I wanted to reach them and join IS mercenaries. The coordinator was Ayman Mohamed Attiya. I went to Tripoli Airport in Libya by buses. I have stayed at a hotel for a week. Then, I headed to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Afterwards, I went to Antakya Airport, then, to a border village. Nobody exposed to me during the days I have stayed at the airport even until I arrived there. I did not see any boundaries. We just moved on foot and arrived a village in Adlib.

Deals and trade routes from and to Turkey, and the transfer of hundreds of IS from Adlib to Tel Abyed through Turkey with the protection of the army

Wissam narrated the story of a large deal between them and Turkey to withdraw and move to Turkey and then, to Tel Abyed without knowing why.WISAM BIN HUSEN- BOSAHE

“In Darkush, we have fought the Free Army for three months, and suddenly, they asked us to withdraw, we did not know why. We have been taken by buses, and we entered the Turkish border and stayed at a hotel in Antakya that was almost deserted and under the guidance of the Turkish Gendarmes. An officer was coming and everyone was standing militarily when he entered. We have stayed for about 4 months there, during which they have distributed us to several places. I and three others stayed there, and then they sent us to Iden area on the Greek border. After investigation, we were sent back to Antakya. A month later, a deal was held between them and IS mercenaries as they exited us from the buses and a Turkish man told us “We will return you to your state, our number was between 320 and 350 members. We headed by those Turkish buses towards the center of Tel Abyed where the organization’s headquarter is located.”

“There was no such thing as the border between us and Turkey at that time, rather, it was an open land, all our life and logistical requirements and everything in the markets were Turkish goods,” said Nawaf al-Otaibi who worked in the manufacturing workshops of IS. All of our wounded were receiving the medical treatment, surgical operations and other procedures in the Turkish hospitals. We were taking them to hospitals and taking care for them to return then to the yards of the organization. “

Tomorrow: Turkey’s relations with mercenaries.