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IS collapsed… confessions of IS mercenaries unveiled-2


Turkey’s relationship with IS mercenaries

NEWS DESK – Almir Mirtaski, aka Abdul Rahman al-Turki, is a terrorist in the ranks of  IS mercenaries, was deputy to the Islamic State police’s Amir in Jarablus city , Mirtaski acknowledged information on how IS handed over Jarablus city to the Turkish army and its mercenaries, in addition to other information on the Turkish intelligence contact with the IS mercenaries’ with “IS Commission Board”, who earlier fled the ranks of mercenaries and surrendered himself to Syria’s Democratic Forces during the Wrath of Euphrates campaign.

ID information

The mercenary Almir Mirtaski is a 22-year-old Macedonian, born in Kisjani village in Kasuo, studied law in the capital Skopje and worked as a mosque imam in Derboboy village in Macedonia for 6 months. Married and has a boy. He was nicknamed Abdul Rahman Turki amongst IS mercenaries. Received the position of deputy to Emir Abu Fahad al-Maghrabi in the Islamic Police Department in Jarablus.

Learnt about the organization, he worked as a promoter in Macedonia before traveling to Syria

Terrorist Almir Mirtaski was influenced by IS mercenaries by following-up Islamic lessons on the social network. He worked as promoter of their ideas and legitimacy of jihad in Macedonia as he was an imam of a mosque, believing that the organization was right and governed by the law of God.

“They used to promote the Islamic religion and the war in Syria and to advocate the legitimacy of Allah and strive for it, so that I connected with a mercenary in Syria to explain to me the Islamic religion and the organization and jihad through the Internet. I receive lessons and sections about the war and the killing of children and the displacement of the people. I started to promote them and spread what they tell me to other young people in Macedonia to let them know about the organization until I arrange my trip to Syria.”

Going to Turkey and staying in the Is mercenaries’ headquarter in Gaziantep ..!

It has a clear and well-established network in Turkey, in addition to public centers armed with medium and light weapons and large numbers of elements, especially in Gaziantep and Rihaniyah. There are foreign elements to Syria, including Abu Bakr al-Turki and Abu Omar Turki, who are linked to the Turkish intelligence.

“When I decided to go to Syria, I went online with a member of is called Abu Ali al-Bosni, who was responsible for the migrants from Macedonia and Bosna to Turkey.” he said. On September 20, 2014, I left Macedonia for Turkey. After my arrival the next day, I bought a Turkish mobile phone and continued with Abu Ali, who asked me to go to Gaziantep and there would be people waiting for me. Upon my arrival in Gaziantep, Abu Omar al-Turki and Abu Bakr al-Turki were waiting me.

“They me to their headquarters in Gaziantep. Their center was full of IS mercenaries and the wounded in the Kobani war. It was a large two-storey house. The first floor was intended to receive immigrants. While the second floor was reserved for the wounded and the doctors in addition to the families of the immigrants, in addition to a large number of light, heavy and medium weapons there. All the immigrants who were in their uniforms and from all countries, I stayed there for two days and was prevented from leaving the center at all.”

Entry to Syria accompanied by IS, taking position of deputy of Jarablus governor

After two days of staying at the organization’s center in Gaziantep, they were taken by a Fox car from their center to al-Rai area. They stopped in a village and went on foot. He entered Syria from the organization’s center in Gaziantep and continued his confessions about entering. “When we entered the village, we were about 400 fighters. From there they took us to Jarablus. We met in a school for ten days. Then a military commander came to Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. They took me to the city of Raqqa. Then I was transferred to the Islamic Police Department in Jarablus and stayed there a period of 6 months at Amarna checkpoint Jarablus city, then a deputy to the Amir of the police. “

The IS Commission Committee communicates with the Turkish intelligence to exchange things at all levels!

Despite their position in the Islamic police and their role in the administration of Jarablus, Mirtasky says that there is a special commission for communication with Turkish intelligence, called a “Commission Committee” explaining its role: “The committee is composed of senior leaders in the organization of Daesh, the only one authorized by such meetings, one of us has a lot of information about the committee and what is agreed between them and on any basis, but in Jarablus, I know people who told us that on the border, weapons were passed to the Islamic state, including night telescopes, sophisticated snipers, heavy Turkish weapons, military uniforms to mislead surveillance aircrafts and on the issue of trade, the oil was exported to Turkey via Jarablus in addition to several tunnels to smuggle things into the Turkish interior through Jarablus and its countryside. “

IS and Turkey’s agreement to hand over Jarablus, IS Amirs turned to the Euphrates shield’s.

Terrorist Almir Mirtaski, Abdul Rahman al-Turki, who was the deputy Wali of Jarablus, was a witness to the process of handing over Jarablus to the Turkish occupation after an agreement between them and the Wali of Aleppo. The Wali of Aleppo, Abu Nouri al-Ordni, a citizen of Jarablus held a meeting of leaders at the center of Jarablus police station to explain the mechanism of withdrawal from the city. This was during the days of the siege on the city and our military Amir of Aleppo explained to us how to get out of Jarablus under the pretext of clashes between elements of the Kurds and the Turkish army, and after a period of time, the leadership of the organization ordered calling to withdraw from Jarablus, we withdrew to the town of Ghandoura in the beginning, and then to the city of al-Bab, and a week after our withdrawal, the Turkish forces entered Jarablus, Elements and Amirs have turned into Euphrates Shield’s Amirs.

He split from IS and surrender to SDF

“We saw an unjust injustice and its well-known policy of killing civilians, methods of indiscriminate killing, expiation of all, and taking the Yazidi women as captives. I decided to surrender to Syrian Democratic Forces only because we know that the Free Army and the other battalions are gangs, and we heard a lot about their humane treatment of captives, so I surrendered to them. And I advise all people not to join Daesh and I advise the participants to surrender themselves.”

Tomorrow: deceived by propaganda, but reality was shockingly different…!!