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IS collapsed… confessions of IS mercenaries unveiled-3

Deceived by propaganda, but reality was shocking…!!

NEWS DESK- IS mercenaries used many methods to attract and collect elements in their ranks through the promotion of media outlets and the dissemination of clips and videos about the Islamic religion which was met with great acceptance by foreigners who do not know anything about IS mercenaries, but when they joined them, they found themselves deceived by those delusions and entered the darkness of the Islamic State.MIHMED WZMIR

Hawar news agency held an interview with the elements of IS gangs, and they talked about how they were introduced to IS and discovered the truth of IS gangs in this investigation prepared by Hawar news agency.

ID information

The mercenary Nour al-Din-Afradan Nicknamed by Muhammad Azmir, Born in 1979 in Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia, he was married in Malaysia. After joining IS mercenaries, he married a young woman from al-Raqqa. He studied Engineering in Britain and after five years, he returned to Malaysia and worked in private companies.

The mercenary Qabalan Ibzayev who is nicknamed by Khaled al-Dagestani and from Dagestan in Federation Russia, he is married to a Dagestan woman. He studied Law at Moscow University. He married to a woman from Aleppo, and he has a child. He married to an Arab woman to help him fleeing because he does not speak Arabic.

The IS mercenary Reslan Shawkhalov who is nicknamed by Abu Muhammad al-Shishani studied Law, and then, worked at the faculty of Law. He came from Russia with his family that consists of his wife and four children.

How they have been attracted to the organization

Nour al-Din Afrendan was introduced to IS mercenaries through the Internet and the media channels loyal to them. When he heard about the presence of an Islamic State in Syria, he decided to join them and started searching for a way to reach Syria.QABILAN LIBZAYIF

For the first time when Afrendan heard about the existence of so-called Islamic State, he went to Syria, traveled with a group from Kuala Lumpur to Turkey where they were taken to a hotel in Istanbul, and then, he headed to Hatay, where from, he entered the Syrian city of Adlib

“In Istanbul I met with many groups from Turkestan and other areas, and I met with an IS mercenary named Abu Ibrahim who arranged for me a way to cross over. He took me to Gaziantep and then, to Jarablos city,”Nour al-Din Afrendan said about his entering Syria.

“I was working in trade as I used to buy clothes from Turkey and transported them to Dagestan where I was selling them (from Dagestan to Turkey). During my staying in Istanbul, I met people from Dagestan like Abu- Baker al-Dagestani who was helping me to buy clothes.” The mercenary Qabalan Ibzayev said.

“One day, Abu Baker al-Dagestani asked me to move two bags to the Syrian border. There were binoculars of sniper weapons in the bags, and I knew that they were binoculars, but I helped him because their prices were very expensive about 350, 000 $. After the binoculars have been taken to the Syrian border, we handed them to a person named Abu Baker al-Turkey in Tel Abyed (Gire Sipi), and then, Abu Baker al-Dagestani asked me to enter al-Raqqa with him in order to witness the delivery of the bags, and I had to testify in the Islamic or Legislative Court.” Qablan added.

“After I delivered them the weapons, I wanted to return back to Turkey, but they prevented and threatened me saying that whoever would exit the land of Islam, they would be killed. I tried to flee several times, but they arrested me and put me in the security prison for two months.”

The story of  IS mercenary  “Da’ashi” Ruslan Shaukhlov, who said he knew of an Internet-based caller and was influenced by the passages he was broadcasting, advocated to promote the Islamic religion

While the story of Reslan Shawkhalov who said that he was introduced to IS by the internet and that he has been affected by the videos of IS mercenaries about the Islamic religion.

Shawkhlov said “I started sending massages to IS mercenaries and demanded to visit them, and to be introduced to them. They gave me the phone number to Abu Bakr al-Dagestani who arranged my trip to Turkey and told me that we would meet in Turkey. He asked me to buy a ticket from Moscow to Istanbul. When I arrived the airport, he called me and told me that he could not meet me, and he gave me the name another IS mercenary named Othman al-Qurghizi who took me to Gaziantep.”

All the immigrants were meeting in Gaziantep

According to the mercenary Reslan, when they arrived Gaziantep, they went to a big house inhabited by big groups of immigrants of various nationalities, and from there, they sent them to Syria.

“Three days later, they took us to the Syrian border and after crossing the border, we entered on of the villages near to Jarablos and then, we entered Jarablos,” Reslan said.RISLAN SALXALUF

As for the mercenary Qablan, it was reported that the immigrants were going to Istanbul Airport and Abu Bakr al-Dagestani was receiving them and providing them with a temporary accommodation, and then, he was sending them to the Syrian border, and Abu Bakr al-Turkey was receiving them from the Syrian border and entering them to areas held by IS in al-Raqqa.

He was trying to return to his country according to him, but he was afraid of IS mercenaries. During one of his attempts to infiltrate and escape the ranks of IS mercenaries, he was arrested and then, subjected to legitimate courses. Afterwards, he was assigned to repair the vehicles and machineries as his work was buying equipment such as welding machines and others.

While Reslan went to the city of al-Raqqa in Ramadan in 2014, and the mercenaries took his wife and children to one of the headquarters in al-Raqqa, and they took him to another place to undergo military training and legitimate courses. He said “they sorted us according to our scientific certificates and professional experience while the sick, they were assigned to carry out the administrative works. Moreover, those who wanted to fight were included in the military forces.There were 150 people in the camp in the basement of a school in al-Raqqa near to al-Qitar street while the weapons’ camp was at al-Rashid Dam.”

Reslan worked in the section of vehicles and machineries maintenance and preparing armored vehicles in addition to booby trapping the vehicles. Their point was near to Hazeema Square in al-Raqqa, and it has been destroyed in the result Russian wareplane’s bombardment.

During the investigations with IS mercenaries, the name of Abu Baker al-Turkey and Abu Baker al-Dagestani was frequently repeated. They were arranging and communicating with those who were trying to join the organization in addition to sending them to the Syrian border. They were entering the arms and facilitating the entry of mercenaries from Turkey to Syria, but in all investigations did not recognize any of those elements, all meetings were held by the telephone so who is that Abu Baker Turkey or Abu Baker Dagestani.

Their training courses, the places where they fought

The mercenary Nour al-Din Afrendan underwent training at al-Faruq camp near al-Hurriyah (Al-Baath) Dam in the city of al-Raqqa. Their courses included legislative courses and religious lessons that lasted for 5 days. He was then assigned to Al-Qaem camp in Iraq where he has stayed for two months as he joined courses of training how to use heavy and light,and then, he was sorted in the guard.

There were special sections for the immigrants who do not speak Arabic were accompanied by translators according to the language of each element.

“I asked the commanders to get out of Iraq and look for people from Malaysia, but I was imprisoned; afterwards, as I did not obey their orders, and then, they sent me to the city of al-Raqqa. I have remained there for several months in the guard. After that, I headed to Jarablos city where I recognized Malaysian families, and then, I moved to Kobani, and when the battles intensified, I returned to Jarablos. Then, I moved to the area of al-Bab, and after several months, I have returned to al-Raqqa and stayed there.

The mercenary Nour al-Din married to a woman in the city of al-Raqqa who had a Kurdish mother and an Arab father.

When they did not find the right Islam, they tried to flee

The mercenaries of IS used media promotion to attract the elements to their ranks, but when they joined them, they found themselves deceived by these illusions and entered the darkness of the Islamic State. They decided to flee as the three mercenaries Nour al-Din, Qablan and Reslan did.

The mercenary Nour al-Din who surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the result of his fear of aerial bombardment and death. While Qablan fled when the battles intensified in al-Raqqa city as he hid himself among the civilians who were fleeing and heading towards the areas held by SDF fighters and headed with his family towards the areas held by SDF in the area of al-Jazrat. On the moment when he reached SDF checkpoints, he surrendered himself to the forces.

While the mercenary Reslan Shawkhalov surrendered himself with his family in a nearby village after he contacted with the smugglers. When he approached SDF’s checkpoint, a civilian told the checkpoints that they wanted to surrender themselves to SDF.

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