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IS secrets disclosed: these are the details of relationship between IS and Turkey-1


Ataturk Airport, greatest hospitals in Istanbul are serving IS mercenaries


NEWS DESK- The IS mercenary Yasin Bou Khatem Othman al-Tunisi who fought in the ranks of IS mercenaries in Syria disclosed that the Turkish intelligence provided care to IS’ wounded in Istanbul assuring that the wounded reach Istanbul hospitals by International Ataturk Airport. Yasin also pointed out the IS mercenaries move easily in Turkey without any obstructions, and he noted that Turkey is the main vein that supports IS logistically.

Yasin Bou Khatem Othman from al-Tadamun neighborhood in the capital Tunisia talked to Hawar news agency about his journey from Tunisia to Syria, and how he joined IS mercenaries, and the works he has done till his surrender to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Raqqa battle.

Public Da’wa tents of IS in Tunisia

Othman was introduced to the organization by the elements of IS mercenaries who had spread in Tunisia, and who set up Da’wa (missionary activity) tents in the capital Tunisia to call for the young men and women to join IS in Syria.

Othman said “in 2013, Jihadism and Salafism spread in Tunisia, and widely was active in 2014 by mosques and the sermons delivered on Friday. Then, Da’wa tents were set up in the public streets, and they were distributing sweets and religious chants were broadcast by the baffles in the tents which attracted the passers-by.

Othman started thinking of joining IS, and he assured that he has effectively decided to join IS after the statement of the Tunisian president Rashed al-Ghanoshy that Salafists and Jihadists are our brothers. After that, Othman contacted via Facebook with a person in the ranks of IS mercenaries in Syria who is called Abdu Abdullah al-Tunisi, and he asked him to join Daesh.

Abu Abdullah led him to the way of travelling towards Syria, and Othman said that Abu Abdullah said to him, “the road is easy, you only have to cross the Tunisian-Libyan border, and communicate with a person called Abu Jabal in Libya to take you to the divan.

From Tunisia to Libya

Yasin Bu Khatem Othman crossed the Tunisian-Libyan border, and communicated with Abu Jabal and Saber who received him on the border, and took him a Jeep to the divan in Sabrata city in Libya as he has stayed there for a week. After that, the mercenary told him that joining training camps in Syria is not possible at that moment as the coalition was bombarding so that you must be trained in Libya, then move to Turkey and Syria.

Then, Othman went to Bani Walid area in Libya, and after 22 days, he moved to a training camp of the mercenaries in the desert. According to what Othman stated, IS mercenaries’ training camps exist in Sabrata, Zeintan, and Bani Walid in Libya. And he received the military training exercises in a camp in Masrata which is consisted of a great square in the desert.

Othman received the legislative training at the hand of Abu Islam al-Liby and Abu Walid al-Liby, while the official of the camp was called Abu Ismael al-Musraty.

Othman said that they have received a legislative training course for 25 days, then, they moved to the military trainings under the supervision of a person who claimed to be Palestinian, while his dialect was Libyan. In the end of the military training, Othman was wounded falsely by his comrade with a PKC, and he was taken to al-Safwa Hospital in Masrata for about 22 days.

After that, they issued a Libyan passport and a ticket to travel towards Turkey, and he completed his medical treatment for 3 months in Istanbul Europe.

Othman assured that the road from Libya to Turkey via air is opened to IS mercenaries, and it is a gate for entering the Africans from Tunisia, Morocco and Africa into Syria to join IS mercenaries.

A special plane for IS wounds from Libya to Istanbul!

Yasin Bu Khatem Othman said that he exited Masrata city in Libya via a special plane to the wounded of IS mercenaries from Libya to Turkey. Yasin added “we ascended a plane whose all riders are the wounded of IS with accompaniments in the ranks of IS mercenaries. When I ascended the plane and saw that all of the riders are wounded, I got comforted because I was afraid of being discovered.”

Receiving IS wounded in Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

Othman noted that in Istanbul Airport, the Turkish ambulances were mobilizing to take the wounded and distribute them to the Turkish hospitals. Othman added “when we descended in Ataturk Airport, big numbers of Turkish ambulances rushed to take us, and I was sorted in Medicana International Istanbul Hospital.

Othman disclosed that all the movements of IS in Turkey are going under the observation of the Turkish intelligence, and assured that the Turkish intelligence was protecting the wounded of IS mercenaries in the hospitals.

Othman ended his medical treatment, and after 4 months, he was taken to a hotel beside the hospital, and two days later, he was taken to a house in a public neighborhood in Istanbul Europe, and he has stayed there for 3 days. Then, they booked a ticket for him to move to Urfa with a person in the ranks of IS mercenaries who is called Abu Mus’ab al-Iraqi, and a person was waiting for them in an area known of Ibrahim al-Khalil, and a person was waiting for them there. Then, they were taken to a divan in Urfa related to IS mercenaries, and where gangs of IS mercenaries who migrated with their women and children are residing in.

We entered Syria by the help of the Turkish army and intelligence

After days, they were transferred in groups on Vans to the Turkish-Syrian border in order to enter Syria under the protection of the Turkish army, and Othman noted that the Turkish army have removed the barriers to facilitate crossing the mercenaries into Syria. Othman added, “we ascended the vans, and went till we reached a soiling road, then we entered Syria. In Syria, there were armed mercenaries waiting for us.”

Tel Abyed and Jarablos; IS logistic crossing

Othman assured that Tel Abyed and Jarablos areas were an official crossing for IS mercenaries from Turkey to Syria under the supervision of the Turkish army and intelligence assuring that all the necessities of IS mercenaries such as weapons, grips, drones, and military pouches and clothes were passed from Turkey into Syria passing to Tel Abyed and Jarablos officially.

Yasin Bu Khatem Othman pointed out that IS mercenaries were exporting the petrol to Turkey by tanks in the area between Jarablos and Tel Abyed secretly.

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