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IS secrets disclosed: these are the details of relationship between IS and Turkey-2


Turkey uses Turkestan’s Yugurs, provides them facilitations to be sent to Syria


NEWS DESK– The Turkestan mercenary Abdullah Osman who is arrested now by Syria’s Democratic Forces(SDF) noted that Turkey cheated them through giving the support for the Yugurs and took them to Turkey to be sent to Syria to join the terrorist organizations like IS mercenaries and Jabhit al-Nusra front.

It is clear that the Turkish State is the biggest supporter of the radical Islamic organization in the Middle East, supplying them with arms and money, also all logistic requirements to execute its plans in the Middle East especially the countries which has witnessed revolutions and protests against their governments

Turkey promotes itself as supporter to the Islamic minorities in the world and said that it would protect and support them; some of them are the Rohingyas and the Yugurs and Turkey protested the Israel decision which admit Jerusalem as capital for Israel especially after the announcement of the USA president Donald Trump who admit Jerusalem as a capital for Israel but Erdogan has admitted Jerusalem as capital for Israel since 2004.

Turkey has supported the Yugurs in Turkistan region in China facilitating their passage to Turkey to be sent later to Syria to join the IS mercenaries and Jabhet al-Nusra ,where it gives them pass-ports to arrive Turkey and appropriates them houses to teach them Quran and the Islamic religious in its radical concept sending them later to Syria.

The emigration from China to Turkey

Turkestan mercenary Abdullah Osman who is arrested now by Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) his date of birth is 1990, a Yugur from Turkistan in China, the fake mottos have cheated him which Turkey was launching to protect the Islamic minorities in the world especially the Yugur, he then went to Malaysia, from there to Turkey.

After the Turkestan mercenary Abdullah Osman arrived Turkey, he studied Quran and the Islamic religion with an IS mercenary called Abu Ali al-Turkestani in a secret house for 5 months.

Identity cards and pass-ports for Igors in Turkey

Turkestan mercenary Abdullah Osman assured that turkey has given him an identity card and passport to lure him to travel to Turkey and he said that turkey makes especial camps for the Yugurs.

Abu Ali started to promote to IS mercenaries in front his friends and his friend Esmet

Esmet said that Abu Ali said “you must go to the Islamic State, the education and the foods are free there and everything is good in the Islamic State; all the women wearing Niqab you want the religion and this is the religion.”

Esmet was watching videos on YouTube about IS mercenaries with Abu Ali al-Turkistani and according to Esmet everything was good in the videos but in the fact and when you see with your eyes it is not and not like the videos.

Finally, in 2005, Abdullah Osman decided to go to Syria to see what is IS and if really the life is good between IS mercenaries ranks or not, because according to his speeches, he suffered from injustice in his life and wanted to travel to the Islamic State because everything is free there but when he entered Syria he could not back again because they threatened him by killing him when he wanted to back as he said.

Abu Ali coordinate with a person in Gaziantep region and Abu Ali guaranteed to coordinate till Osman arrived to Gazi Entab where he provided him a taxi and gave him 60 Turkish liras and sent him to the place and gave him a number phone of someone, there an Arabic person received him and said he is working with IS mercenaries and took him to a home in Gaziantep.

After some days Osman interred to al-Rai region in Syria with 5 foreign persons and the Turkish borders were opened to them and then they went to al-Bab region.

Osman moved between al-Tabqa and al-Mayadeen and al-Jazeera region east of the Euphrates River, then he met trafficker in al-Shahil region to split from IS mercenaries for 1300 $.

Then he surrendered to SDF and he said that there was injustice between IS mercenaries and he wanted to split from IS mercenaries because he saw the mercenaries crucifying the people and thrusting the knives into their hearts.

He noted that his status is better at SDF and is receiving the treatment and said that IS mercenaries did not give him the medicine although he has asthma and spinal disc herniation.

Tomorrow: agreements between IS mercenaries and Turkey for logistic and military affairs, large IS network in Turkey