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IS secrets disclosed: these are the details of relationship between IS and Turkey-3



Agreements between IS mercenaries and Turkey for logistic and military affairs, large IS network in Turkey

NEWS DESK-IS mercenaries who surrounded to Syrian Democratic Forces exposed the relationships between IS and Turkey; one of them is the admitting of Bahraini mercenary who discloses the agreements of the delegated committee of IS and the commanders of Turkey to ease the roads and passing the required logistic materials.

Ayyub Mohammed Mourbati, a Bahraini born in 1996 married to Syrian and known between IS mercenaries’ rank Qassora al-Bahraini, he said ” When I was 16, I had met someone named Abu Ali al-Turkistani in Bahrain, he was talking about IS and Jihad and he showed him videos about the injustice of Syrian regime and killing the innocent people, then I went to Turkey to join IS after he succeeded in urging me and organized everything through coordinators till Turkey.”

Large web of IS in Turkey and all moving for its sake there…!

The mercenary Ayyub explained their moves and his arriving to Turkey which is the only and basic gate for IS mercenaries and he mentioned how he reached Syria and the large numbers of mercenaries who deal with IS, in addition to the great tolerations provided by Turkish intelligence and security in the borderlines regions.

He says ” Abu Ali al-Turkistani has arrived to Mohammed Ben Ali, I talked with him and he coordinated with a person from Turkey so I went to Turkey reached to Istanbul’s airport, then I talked with Mohammed Abu Ali, he said to me to go Urfa then he took me to a Hotel called Herran by a taxi, first I thought that I was lonely who wants to join IS, but after that, I saw a large number in the hotel and they were IS members, and when we went to Syria we were dozens with women and children.

Moving from Turkey to Syria as moving from room to room, IS mercenaries free in the two regions.

Mohammed continues and says “After moving from the hotel, the coordinator took us to a home near Syrian borders and the owner of the that home was dealing with IS, which was a large web and all were moving for them, there was no Turkish elements nor soldiers in all those regions and there were also women moving to that area then we went to Suluk town in Tel Abyad.”

The agreements between IS and Turkey were as the treaties, political, logistical, and commercial bargains between two sides …!

After the mercenary Ayyub Mohammed has finished his military trainings and the so-called Shari’a in the ranks of IS mercenaries in al-Baath Dam region in al-Raqqa eastern countryside for a month, he went to al-Raqqa city then to the guard points in Serê Kaniyê countryside to move then to the manufacturing groups which are especial in production of shells and mortars.

Mohammed says ” I was in the mortars and shells production committee, the explosive materials like manures and sulfur and the iron were coming from Turkey through middlemen, thus the agreements were between IS commanders and Turkish state like mutual agreements, and the movement of buying the fuel was strong between IS and Turkey, and IS and the Syrian regime and the Free Army as for the various kinds of arms, IS was buying them from Free Army which in turn were sent by supporting countries like Turkey and others.”

Ayyub explained the nature of those agreements which were like conventions between them saying” the negotiation committee of IS to Turkey was sent to Turkey to negotiate with the commanders where most negotiations were to ease opening the roads to the jihadists and to allocate hospitals for wounded persons because all IS mercenaries were going to Turkish hospitals to receive the treatment there.”

The mercenary Ayyub Mohammed surrounded to SDF in al-Jazeera Tempest campaign which has been launched in summer of 2017, after he realized that IS was unfair, and their systems were changing every few days, and the liquidations between the commanders started, describing it as a lie and they regretted to join IS, and he with some other mercenaries surrendered to SDF after they realized that they are humanitarian forces not like other forces in Syria.

Tomorrow: agreements over the Euphrates River’s level during IS period, bargains on Suleiman Shah shrine.