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IS secrets disclosed: these are the details of relationship between IS and Turkey-4


Agreements over the Euphrates River’s level during IS period, bargains on Suleiman Shah shrine…


NEWS DESK-an element of IS mercenaries was dams’ electricity and water engineer of the Euphrates River, he discloses the agreements between Turkey and IS mercenaries to solve the problems of electricity and water, in addition to the politic bargain of Suleiman Shah grave between two sides.

Mosab Abed al-Fattah Mohammed, from Sudan born in al-Saudi, he studied the electric engineering in Sudan, then he joined ranks of IS mercenaries in 2014 touched by the Arabic media which proclaims inflammatory national and religious mottos.

Turkey is the easiest way for IS and the borders regions are full of IS mercenaries…!

Mosab went from Sudan to Syria through Turkey and he did not Know which organization or any faction he would join, his friend of IS mercenaries invited him to this faction , Mosab says about his joining to the rank of IS and his voyage starting from Sudan ” At first I did not choose IS and I did not think of any faction I just want to go Syria , but my Sudanese friend named Khalid al-Sali who is an element in IS and he was living in Azaz and we did not know those military factions, he talked with me till I reached him then I went from Khartoum Airport in Sudan to Istanbul then to Gaziantep through internal airplane in Turkey then I went to a hotel there I did not know its name, after that, I went to my friend Khalid to border line city near Azaz where IS were taking control, then my friend received me, frankly I did not know if I was in Syria, the moving was very easy without soldiers or Turkish elements.

Turkey agreed with IS about the level of the Euphrates River after controlling the Euphrates dams, bargains on Suleiman Shah grave…!

The issue of cutting off the Euphrates River’s water on the Syrian peopl living in cities and villages along the river is known to the public as a whole, where Syrian people and Syrian Democratic Forces were fighting to protect the peoples of the region, Mosab says of these agreements: “My speciality was electricity and water, and the water was very little and Syria’s share of it was very scarce, and the water level in the river was very low and according to the average rate in international standards is about 500 cubic meters per second, and IS merceneries were never aware and I told them so, after which there was an agreement and deals between the committee delegated to IS, and Turkey solved the issue of electricity and water in the areas of IS merceneries control.

Suleiman Shah  was one of the issues which was between the agreements, the IS mercenary Mosab admits that the Turkish soldiers were in contact with IS mercenaries to protect the grave and the matter which creates reaction between doctrinaires IS mercenaries elements he says” We exploded a lot of historical graves and shrines and religious personas in al-Raqqa and Manbij and others and all of which were carried out according to the verses and the traditions of the Prophet that we take in our curriculum there as a blasphemy and other, but when it comes to the issue of the grave of Suleiman Shah, it was protected by IS mercenaries, where the Turkish army enters with IS mercenaries elements under their protection is not close to that grave which  became a problem in the period between the elements on the subject, he says that they “politicize what we believe” and it was finally found that this protection was in exchange for facilities for the exit and the entry of some elements to and from Turkey as political deals.