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IS supported by Turkey through “free army”


KOBANI- The areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)Revealed the reality of the conflicting countries in Syria, the satirist Khaled Ahmed al-Dahri, revealed new information that IS supported by the Turkish mercenary groups, “the free military.”

The atmosphere of war in Syria changed after the fall of the major cities that were controlled by the Baathists in Iraq and Syria, as these groups, which were fighting on behalf of authoritarian regimes in the region, led by Turkey, forced the latter to enter northern Syria and convince its supporters that it is the force that controls The path of the war in Syria.

Free Syrian Army fighters erect the Syrian opposition flag atop a former base used by fighters from the ISIL, after it was captured by rival rebel forces in Manbij town in Aleppo

The information was revealed for the first time by one of the most prominent journalists in IS, for whom the media was a reference calling for joining the so-called “Jihad” in Syria about deals that took place during the period of control over large areas of Syria between Turkey , the Free Army and IS.

Khalid Ahmed Al-Dhahri, a Saudi journalist who was detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces. During an interview with his agency, he explained that the commercial relations that were held between the Turkish government and IS were through the so-called “Free Army”.

After seven years of war in Syria, which killed almost a million people, not to mention hundreds of thousands of wounded, the forces that called for the freedom of the people and who called themselves imaginary slogans are being revealed day after day.

the so-called “Free Army”, and during its control of areas in Idlib, northern Aleppo and other small parts of Syria, the commercial movement, which included arms, oil and gold, did not stop between Turkey and then through the areas controlled by the Free Army. No little problems, at a time when everyone was eager to destroy IS, while Turkey and the Free Army were working to strengthen the roots of IS in Syria and Iraq.

In another frank cooperation, it became clear recently that elements of mercenaries were fighting alongside the Turkish army in the ranks of the so-called “free army” with the aim of occupying Afrin. This is what our agency documented when it published a news item on the 27th of this month .

Kobani’s attack  was by IS, and Afrin’s attack is by the Free Army and Turkey are the ones that control them

It is clear from this point that there is no difference between IS and those groups that claim to be the Free Syrian Army in principle. Both are working for Turkey in striking the will of the Syrian people and their revolution in northern Syria, this time in Afrin canton, which has become a total siege imposed by Turkey And its mercenaries.

On the outskirts of Afrin dozens of green buses, which took the mercenaries and their families a while ago from the countryside of Damascus and the other areas they controlled, such as al-Wa’ar neighborhood in Homs and others, filled the buses with hundreds of so-called “Free Army” who responded to the Turkish government’s call to occupy Afrin, mercenaries from all over the world answered Erdogan’s call from under the table during the attack on Kobani.

And this doubts the truthfulness of the demands of freedom advocated by the factions of the Free Army under the Turkish ceiling in Syria Is the bombing of Afrin, which received nearly half a million people from areas of conflict in Syria .