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Kevana Zêrîn band is special glamour for Orkish Festival 



QAMIŞLO- The Kevana Zêrîn band (Golden Crescent) presents a special flair for Music Orkish Festival with youth and Kurdish heritage machines displaying their Kurdish songs in order to preserve the Kurdish heritage along with 38 bands.

The kevana zêrîn band of the Democratic Culture and Art Movement was founded a year ago, and it includes 7 girls from the cities of al-Hasakah, Qamişlo, Dirbasiyah, Amuda, Kobanî and Tirbê Sipîyê.

Within the band, the youngest member is 16 years old and the eldest is 20 years old, and all members are proficient in playing musical instruments, especially Kurdish ones.

With the aim of protecting the Kurdish heritage, the band joined the orchestrated Music Orkish Festival in Qamişlo beside 38 Arab, Kurdish and Syriac bands.

Estervan Bozo, a 17-year-old member of the band who has been singing and playing on tambour for ten years said, “our voice and art will revive the Kurdish heritage, and we will bring society back to practice singing and learning to play on the Kurdish musical instruments.”

Siddar Ibrahim, 20 year-old, plays the oud, and she joined the festival with her oud, and she is good at singing the old Kurdish songs said, “in order not to forget our culture, we will protect the Kurdish folklore, and we will play the old Kurdish songs in the festival.”

Zainab Mansour, 16 years old, despite of her young age, she has a sense of music and playing instruments, she plays on the tambour and sing, and she is able to do many things.



Kevana Zêrîn stranên Kurdî û çanda resen diparêze (2) Kevana Zêrîn stranên Kurdî û çanda resen diparêze (3) Kevana Zêrîn stranên Kurdî û çanda resen diparêze (7)