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Khamenei accused Iran’s enemies of supporting protests

NEWS DESK- In his first comment on the protests and demonstrations that have marched in Iran since 5 days,  the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Iran’s enemies of supporting the protests.

The protests of the Iranian people against the Iranian Mullahs  regime entered its 6th day, and these protests included fierce practices as 20 people have been killed till now, and hundreds have been arrested. In his first comment on these demonstrations, the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused as he called Iran’s enemies of being behind these protests, and Khamenei said “the enemies jump at the chance to deal a blow against Iran.”

Khamenei added during his speech to the martyrs’ families as rioters quoted “during the last days, Iran’s enemies have used various tools; money, weapons, politics, and the intelligence agencies to create crises for the Islamic republic.

Khamenei addressed the Iranian people saying “I have a lot of things to say to our dear people, but that would be at its suitable time.”

The peoples in Iran are experiencing bad situations at the economical level as the authorities are spending the product revenue on their external policies in the area, the peoples except for Persians; the Kurdish and the Arab are being exposed to oppressive practices, displacement, in addition to policies that deprive them of talking in their language and reviving their culture.

The protesters chanted the slogans “Death for Rohani,” “Quit Syria and Lebanon, Turn around Us,” in addition to their attacks against the police stations and burning the pictures of the Iranian commands including the religious commands.