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Kilo Issa: International silence about Afrin is dragging  region into major crisis



KOBANI -A member of the Political Office of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria Kilo Issa has pointed said that” the invasion of the Turks and its  gangs to Afrin is an attempt to restore the spirit of mercenaries urging, calling the world out of silence and stand in front of this brutal aggression and said, “International silence towards Afrin will drag the region to a major crisis.”

Hawar news agency (ANHA ) held interview with Kilo Issa about what has been witnessing Afrin 54 days since the barbaric attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its gangs .

At the beginning of his speech, Issa touched on the heroic resistance shown by the people of Afrin against the Turkish occupation in defending their land “Afrin ‘s people are sticking to their land like olive trees, they do not want to leave their land and defend against the occupiers. The Turkish state, which is the second” NATO” to bomb every day, Civilians and massacres against them, so it requires all people who call for democracy to support and support that resistance, considering that the resistance of Afrin is not for one nation but for the whole world”

And added saying “Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, Turkey has been trying to control the North Syria to break the will of the people with all the components of the Arabs, Kurds, Syriac, Turkmen, Assyrians and Circassians. At the moment we see that dozens of Syrian areas have been handed over to some terrorist organizations so that the Turkish state can bring those other terrorist gangs to attack Afrin” .

Issa noted that the people who lived during these years with freedom and democracy no longer accept and tolerate any occupation of their land and their homeland from any side.

He stressed that the Kurdish politician, that Turkey’s attack on Afrin seeks to restore the spirit of IS gangs advocating, which was defeated in front of the resistance of the people of North Syria pointing out that the scenes of destruction and the killing of civilians and displacement and demographic change in the region committed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin proves that.

At the end of his speech, Kilo Issa called on the United Nations and countries that advocate human rights to break their silence and stand against Turkish aggression against Afrin, because this international silence is dragging the region into a major crisi.