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Kirkuk, Şengal handed over; new purge plan



NEWS DESK– Kirkuk has been fully handed over to the Popular Crowd, and if we perceive the secret deals that accompanied the handover operations, we would find that a new plan is being executed in the region.

New purge plan

The plan of Kurds purge is forced into executing. This is clear that handover of Kirkuk is only part of this plan. But how has this plan been executed, who are its participants, and what are its objectives?

About twenty days ago, on September 25, Democratic Party stirred up a whirlwind when it called for a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan Region of Başûr to appear as the Savior of Kurdish nation. Barzani said at the time that he was ready to defend Kirkuk if necessary and considered Kirkuk to be Jerusalem. But before the Popular Crowd arrived in Kirkuk, the government of Hewler and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) withdrew their forces from the city. Only the People Defense Forces (HPG) remained in the city to protect the people.

Step by step, the attack was launched

At the time the subject of the referendum became a crosstalk of Kurdish world and the region, intensive diplomatic movement appeared among the countries of the region hostile to the gains of the Kurdish people. There have been alliances and military and secret agreements between Iran and Turkey. Turkey has also executed joint military maneuvers with Iraqi army against Kurds.

During Astana meetings, Turkish government stepped up its threats against Başûr Kurdistan Region as well as Afrin. Turkish military actions began in Idlib with the participation of mercenary gangs, and Erdogan said “we would accept another Kobani.”

These are not all the pillars of the plan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq are preparing for further practical steps against the Kurds, and conflicting news about the health and safety of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan appeared in social networking sites.

The Turkish state knows that Ocelan’s health and safety is a very sensitive issue to the Kurdish people. They put the Ocelan case on their agenda in a deliberate and systematic manner. They moved on the ground in conjunction with the news about the health of Ocelan.

The delivery of Kirkuk and Şengal was based on the data and requirements of this plan. The plan goes beyond these. The Turkish state has stepped up its attacks against Medea. These areas are witnessing a fierce war and the Guerrilla fighters are very resistant. However, the Guerrilla forces inflict heavy losses on the Turkish army and the entire world.

The Turkish state launched a comprehensive attack at all levels against the Kurdish people, and Syrian regime launched the night before yesterday an attack against the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

What are their goals?

The Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocelan, the events in Kirkuk, Şengal, defending Medya areas, Afrin and Idlib, all clearly point to a new comprehensive plan that targets the gains of the Kurdish people. They are seeking to impose a new Sykes-Picot agreement in the region, after the elimination of IS mercenaries, and therefore they seek to keep the Kurdish people out of the equation and to continue the colonial situation imposed on them. The main objective of the new plan is to eliminate all the gains of the Kurdish people, and then sit on the tables to redefine the borders of the region.

What should Kurds do?

The Kurds would not have lived in such situations if they had followed a common policy. The Kurds would have been able to keep their promises, and to defend their gains.

Unfortunately, the wrong policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are its partitions policies, which it tries to impose on Kurds. It works to establish alliances and friendships with the enemies of the Kurdish people instead of the alliance with the Kurds, bringing the Kurds to where they are now. The last of these policies occurred yesterday when they handed over Kirkuk themselves.

It must be remembered that Kurds, especially after IS mercenaries emerged, they fought together on one approach. The hopes of achieving Kurdish unity among the Kurdish people were revived. But later, as a result of the policies of the Democratic Party all these opportunities and possibilities were lost.

It is important to be cautious from now and to reflect on what may happen later and take the necessary measures accordingly. For Kurdish people, the situation has entered a difficult phase since yesterday. In order to get out of this juncture, it is important to commit to a sound policy and to establish a joint defense forces.

What for did they sacrifice Kirkuk, Şengal?

We need to reconsider this point. During the attack on Kirkuk (HPG)fighters fight until the last moment, did not abandon the positions of the resistance, but the Peshmerga forces of the Başûr Kurdistan Region’s government withdrew without any resistance, the primary side responsible for this situation is the Democratic Party, which controls the government.

Başûr government must disclose the reasons that led to the abandonment of Kirkuk, Kermayan and, Şengal and its handover to the Popular Crowd and the Iraqi army. Nîçirvan Barzani was describing the PKK forces in Şengal as occupying forces, what will he say now that they have abandoned Şengal again and escaped from it?

The government of Başûr must explain the reasons that led to this situation, and whether there is a specific deal between them and Iraq, Turkey and Iran, in short, it must reveal everything hidden behind the curtain.

If the government claims that there is no such deal, why do thousands of Peshmerga withdraw without any resistance from these areas, and who is responsible?

And most important of all, did officials in the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan discuss this issue in their meeting in Dokan city which related to Sulaymaniyah, which was held hours before the handing over of Kirkuk? If the position was raised during the meeting, did the participants discuss the conditions of these areas? What are the decisions of the meeting?

The forces of Başûr Kurdistan must answer these questions. If they want to polish their pages in front of society and history, they must assure the Kurdish community that they have not sacrificed Kirkuk and Şengal for their own interests. Otherwise, the Kurdish people will consider them as traitors, and their name will be written in the pages of history as traitors, and they would receive a fair punishment.