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Kurdish Parliament: Turkish aggression on Afrin extension of Turkish project in Kirkuk


QAMIŞLO– A member of Başûr Kurdistan Parliament of Kuran movement Omar Enaya, during a statement to Hawar news agency pointed out that the Turkish occupation stood against the will of the Kurdish people in Başûr Kurdistan in cooperation with the government of Abadi and Iran, and entered Kirkuk city militarily.

He pointed out that “The internal and external condemnation of the Turkish aggression against Afrin and the bombing of innocent civilians and the occupation of Syrian land in an attempt to restore the Ottoman occupation to the region.”

He said “it is time that Kurds consolidate their ranks and end the conspiracy on Kurdish cause.”

He added “We are confident that the people of Afrin will put an end to the Turkish intervention in the Kurdish region.”.

“We are surprised at this international silence because Turkey is occupying the land of another country, killing innocents and interfering in the affairs of the neighboring state. All this is in the face of regional and international silence, and some countries are allied with it.”