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Kurdistani, al-Jazeera region, Deir ez Zor’s women go to Afrin


 NEWS DESK- The delegation of Kurdistani women and hundreds of women from cities, districts and towns of al-Jazeera region and Deiir ez-Zor towards Afrin to participate in the commemoration of International Women’s Day with the women of Afrin, and to emphasize their support for Resistance of the age.

The women of al-Jazeera and Deir ez-Zor and the delegation of Kurdistani women who came from parts of Kurdistan arrived to Rojava on Sunday in Tal Tamer city in the far south of al-Jazeera region to launch towards the Euphrates region, then to Afrin.

The administrator at Kongra Star in al-Hasakah, Sherein Oso, blessed the World Women’s Day with all the struggler women who refused to submit to autocratic regimes.

Sherein praised the important role of women in Afrin canton in the face of the Turkish occupation state, which is concerned with women’s freedom.

Aven Ahmed, a member of Intellectuals Union in al-Hasakah city noted that as long as there are mothers such as the mothers of martyrs Avista and Barin who gave birth to women became role models for the whole world. Afrin will not kneel to the invaders.

“We will go to Afrin to join the women on her holiday and stand with her in a steadfast stance against the brutal Turkish occupation and tell him with our strong will that we will not allow you to enter any inch of Syrian territory and salute the women in Afrin, Shahrazad al-Hussein al-Jassim, member of the Women’s Center in Deir ez-Zor, said.

The member of Women’s Center in Deir ez-Zor Aisha Masoud al-Ahmad congratulated and said: “From Deir ez-Zor, I sent a congratulating card to the mothers of Afrin in the International Women’s Day and every year, you are a thousand good.”