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Kuwaiti Newspaper: 12000 Turkish millionaires left their country because of unstable situation

NEWS DESK – Kuwaiti newspaper reported that 12 million Turkish millionaires left their country during the past two years because of the unstable political situation of Turkey and due to the wrong policies of Erdogan’s government to the wealth owners, and stressed that this extends to include many scientific competencies.

“It seems that Turkey’s unstable political situation has led to negative economic repercussions for Ankara, which is suffering from phenomenon of leaving the rich from the country. Recent economic reports indicate that 12 thousand millionaires have left Turkey during the past two years, by 6 million every year,” Kuwait’s al-Qabas newspaper reported

With the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016, political tensions in the country increased, tens of thousands of government employees were dismissed and thousands of military personnel were also prosecuted. Thousands were also tried on charges of collaborating with an attempt of failed coup. Many have escaped of the campaigns to prosecute the Turkish authorities accused of sympathizing with the coup a number of them were of wealth owners.

The sources said that the estimates of the size of the departures’ wealth is varies, while the government sources confirm that it does not exceed 20 billion dollars estimated by the opposition by about 100 billion dollars and Bloomberg agency quoted one of the millionaires leaving for Turkey as saying «How to stay in a country I know well that I may be arrested and confiscated my money in it Suddenly and without warning?

The news agency report that the crisis facing Turkey does not have clear data on the number of millionaires migrating outside its territory and the departures of the country of Anatolia are not limited to millionaires only, but a lot of scientific and technical capabilities, especially in the technology sector, many Turks no longer find Those who accept employment because of their status in the “black government lists”, so companies avoid hiring them in order to maintain good relations with the government.

Erdogan’s economic misperceptions about Erdoğan government, the paper said, “The wealthy people – mostly those of the opposition – have been complaining about the poor economic policies of his administration, Erdogan doubled the taxes on the most income-generating segments, and this has led many of them to leave the country.

As for the destination of the Turkish millionaires, the newspaper pointed out that “European Union countries (specifically Germany) are at the forefront of the receiving countries of the wealthy immigrants of Turkey, followed by the United Arab Emirates.” The European Union is the most attractive to them because of geographical proximity first, and then their knowledge of the business world rules in European countries significantly Big.