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Lama al-Atassi: Erdogan is doing the dirty job that serves Iran and the regime


QAMISHLO-The Secretary-General of the Syrian Front and the Vice-President of the World Forum for Human Rights, Lama al-Atassi, said that Erdogan “gives up his allies of the Free Army and the opposition in exchange for allowing him to internationally stifle the Kurdish voice and with him the entire North Syria in all its components.” She pointed out that “Erdogan is doing the dirty job that serves Iran and the regime, “asserting that the success of Sochi linked to the Russians and invited them to all parties.

Al-Attasi assessed the latest developments in Syria, especially in the areas of de-escalation, and threats of Turkey to occupy Afrin as well as meetings and conferences held on the basis of resolving the Syrian crisis, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians. She stressed that Astana is an agreement on the distribution of interests with the Syrian regime, and that the areas of de-escalation are no longer possible, and explained that the next round of Geneva will achieve nothing.

*Adlib governorate witnesses battles between the regime forces and armed gangs calculated by Turkey. Does this mean that the agreement between Russia, Turkey and Iran on the areas of de-escalation is over?

In fact, Turkey’s entry into the axis of Iran-Syrian regime through Russia is still not completely clear even to the analysts, and we do not know where Erdogan will go. There are obvious contradictions in the outbreak of the conflict in Syria and certainly the issue of areas of de-escalation is no longer possible in light of the complexity of conflicts and fueling them between great, regional and local powers.

* The majority of areas of de-escalation of clashes. In light of these developments, what is the benefit of the meetings of Astana and why then?

The scene is surrealistic and complex and it is not clear even for anyone. Astana is the political talks to promote the Eastern axis led by Russia. Here Turkey was introduced on the line, in which the Iranian-Russian rapprochement was made and the agreement on the distribution of interests with the Syrian regime was agreed upon. It has nothing to do with the Western axis or even the Arabic.

* The ninth round of the Geneva meetings is currently under discussion. In light of the deliberate exclusion of the democratic forces, especially the representatives of the North Syria, and the change of the balance of power on the ground. What are your expectations for the new round?

Like any other, there will be no development. The international community is deceiving its conscience by holding such formal meetings, declaring that it is engaged in talks, negotiations or the like. In fact, this is very formal because it is not yet time to agree and the United Nations is incapable of concluding an agreement because its mechanisms and laws have not been updated since World War II. The five countries in charge of the monopoly of the lack thereof and there is a major international crisis affecting other international files such as the Palestinian cause and others.

* Turkey swept before the months of Adlib governorate under the pretext of applying areas to de-escalation, but the fighting raging in that region. How do you see this sweep? What is the purpose of Turkey’s concentration on the borders of Afrin city?

Of course, this is considered illegal and criminal, and perhaps there is agreement between the regime, Turkey and Iran together with large countries to weaken the resistance of anyone who wants a real change in the structure of the regime. After the entry of Turkey, the Syrian-Iranian eastern axis, the agreement is clear, which provides for keeping the democratic and non-democratic structure out of fear of the Kurdish component and its rightful demands for a state that is not a national in a fair democratic Syria and legitimate rights for all in Turkey, Syria and Iran in exchange for suppressing the democratic resistance of the Syrian people in the north by Erdogan, allows the regime to end all of Turkey’s support in the past… In short, Erdogan gives up his allies from the Free Army and the opposition in exchange for allowing him internationally to stifle the Kurdish voice and with it the entire North Syria in all its components… Erdogan is doing the dirty task which serviced Iran and the regime.

* The Turkish president occasionally launches threats of attacks on Afrin. Can Erdogan dare to launch attacks on Afrin and how will this affect the Syrian situation and find a political solution to the crisis?

I mean the Russians and the Americans are in a period of intense conflict and provocation. When the United States decides to support North Syria by supporting Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), as it says, it will not leave Syria, it provokes the Russians who historically do have their bases in Syria. The Americans and the allies’ long-term goal from the beginning is to get the Russians out of the Mediterranean to weaken them. This is known to all. The presence of the Americans is a conflict between the two sides. Why do the (SDF and SDC) accept to enter the conflict? This is because they are all Syrians in the north, they are trying to change the structure and quality of governance and the Syrian state and despite their good relationship with the Russians, but it does not suit the Russians themselves, and therefore this means the need to change alliances and this is a conflict to pay for it.

How will the position of the people and democratic forces in Syria be from Turkey’s launching of such an attack?

The Syrian people have no decision and will not be blamed if they do not take a position. In the opposition areas, they are under domination of the radical Islamists like (al-Qaeda) and the like. In the regions of the regime they are under the control of the dictatorial regime and Iran.

The National Talks Conference is being held in Sochi. If this conference followed the method of exclusion and identification of the presence of the desires of the forces intervening in the Syrian situation, such as Geneva and Astana. What would be its fate?

Here the organizers of the conference play the role of the Russian side and the possibility of leaving a margin for them by Putin for the balance. The departure of Putin from the Syrian regime through his partners of the commissioners of whom usually trust the Russians here will be the presence of course limited to a brief pattern between the Islamists and Baathists and businessmen with interests with the regime and here is no place for a breakthrough or change, neither in the structure of the regime nor in the model of the opposition… Any transformation will be and will remain a challenge between the West and the Russians. To correct the situation of the Russians and to impose on the presence of the regime and the traditional opposition parts that have been removed from the parties there may be some evolution of political discourse. This is dependent on the Russians …