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Management of Manbij’s Bakeries take measures to end bread’s problem


MANBIJ– Bread is the main and basic material and the livelihood of citizens, provided by the bakeries of Manbij, but citizens complain of the problem of bread damage on the same day, while the authorities said that they took measures to eliminate the problem.

Most of the citizens resort to buying tourist bread to meet their needs for the poor quality of the mechanical bakery bread, and the damage of bread is due to the same day for several reasons, most notably the poor material flour comes 70% hard material and the rest is soft.

The standards are supposed to be the opposite, not the product of good bread, as well as the owners of the bakeries do not adhere to the time of flour milling, calibrations and weights.


Fares Mohammed told Hawar news agency that they were forced to buy tourist bread for poor quality of bread in public bakeries, and appealed to the competent authorities to consider the matter because of the breaking of the bakery bread.

In a special interview with Hawar news agency with the director of the automated bakery at Manbij Mustafa Hassan, he explained the reason for the poor bread and the solution to the citizens of Manbij, where he said that the main reason for the quality of flour and shortening some of the bakeries in the commitment.


Hassan pointed out that they formed a monitoring committee consisting of 5 members to curb this phenomenon, where they stopped a number of bakeries.

Hassan promised that they gave the committee 7 days to avoid those mistakes and default and get good quality bread for citizens.