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Manbij demonstration ended assuring on rejecting sedition, supporting co-existence among components

MANBIJ- The co-chair of the Executive Council Ibrahim Qeftan pointed out during the demonstration that whoever would kill to leave Manbij city, we are the children of peace. While a number of clans’ Sheikhs from Manbij assured that the people of Manbij are one, and they will not be separated by sedition and external interferences to end the demonstration confirming the rejection of the sedition among the components.

Speeches were delivered in the demonstration that was launched in Manbij city refusing the sedition and the external interferences of some parties.

After launching the demonstration that was called on by the elders of the tribes in Manbij city in order to avoid sedition, from al-Sa’a Square passing through al-Kura al-Ardiya Square until the demonstrators stopped at the Public Square.MINBEG-AXAFTINI-SEXO-IDARI-ASIRA-1

The demonstrators held the flags of the Women’s Council, the Self-Defense Duty, the Democratic Arab Youth Movement, and the flags of Manbij Military Council

After the demonstrators arrived at the Public Square in Manbij city, everybody held a minute of silence, and then, the co-chair of the Executive Council Ibrahim al-Qeftan spoke on behalf of the Democratic Civil Administration of Manbij city and its countryside, and pointed out that whoever wants to kill and instigate murder, they will leave this city.

Then, the sheikh Riyad al-Allawi, one of the leaders of al-Bobna clan said, “We marched a demonstration, and we, the people of Manbij and its countryside, are one people, and strives and nationalities would not divide us. Our hand is extended to everybody, and we support peace against war, and want good for this country.”

The Sheikh Al-Allawi stressed on the co-existence of all the components with each other in the area, and said, “We want to live with everybody according to the principle of the co-existence.”

Sheikh Fahed Khalil Shellash, the elder of the Al-Banousaid clan in Manbij said, “We want to prove to the whole world that we live according to the principle of the fraternity of peoples in Manbij, this is the fraternity of peoples; Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and Circassians, and from this, I want to send a message saying no to sedition in this country, and we support the fraternity of peoples and peaceful co-existence. And every hand extending to this country must be amputated.

“We, as tribal elders, are telling you today, do not mess with the security of our country. We support our people in Manbij city. We want to live in peace, enough killing and destroying.” Sheikh Fahed Khalil Shellash continued.

For their part, Amal Dada, on behalf of the women in Manbij, and who is the member of the Legislative Council, and on behalf of the youth, the co-chair of the Youth and Sport Committee Mohsen al-Jassem delivered speeches calling on the people to be careful, and thwart the plots being waged against the people calling for freedom.

The demonstration called on by the elders and the people of Manbij ended at the Public Square stressing on the rejection of strife among the components, and to go forward living according to the principle of the co-existence.