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Manbij folklore had its imprint on Urkesh Festival   


QAMISHLO- They consider the music the peoples’ soul, they sing ancient folkloric songs from the Arabic heritage, and sing their songs with the peoples’ suffering and the phenomenon of peoples’ brotherhood in the area, al-Atiaf Band in Manbij city is a communication platform with all the components.

They came from Manbij to participate in the first Urkesh Music Festival on the Mohammed Sheikho Theater for Culture and Art in Qamishlo canton, to express their folkloric folk songs to the Arab people heritage and to show the peoples’ brotherhood and coexistence.

The “al-Atiaf Band” in Manbij, consists of 5 artists: Abdul Hadji, Mahmoud al-Hilal, Hussein al-Ali, as well as the flute player Mohammed al-Sheikh and organ player Mohammed al-Adnan, aged between 30 to 60.

After the liberation of Manbij city of IS mercenaries, Culture and Art Body has formed the Artists Union in the city, including al-Atiaf Band.

Abdul-Haji artist the 60-year-old from Manbij city, known for his fresh and sensation songs, expressed his joy at participating in Urkesh festival and described the festival as calling for peoples’ brotherhood.

Abdul-Haji pointed out that music is the peoples’ spirit, and there is no difference between any component in Rojava and North Syria.

“We have performed songs in Kobani and we were invited to participate in the Rojava Festival, and Urkesh Festival is an opportunity for us to sing in it,” said Mahmoud Hilal, a 30-year-old artist from Manbij.

“The festival is a positive step and an opportunity for us to present our songs to the components in North Syria to know our folklore,” Mahmoud added.