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Media Women: Revolution today is revolution of women



QAMISHLO-The revolution in North Syria, today is the revolution of women, as well as women’s role in the field of media and salute the resistance of women in Afrin.

In conjunction with World Women’s Day celebrations, Hawar news agency met with a number of journalists to talk about women’s contribution to the development and advancement of media sector.

“Women in the revolution of North Syria have contributed significantly in all areas of life, especially in the field of media, through her writings, camera and pen, and have brought the voice of truth and the role of women and society to the world, and presented sacrifices in this, represented the martyrs who worked tirelessly to show the truth and reality experienced by the people such as the martyrs Nujian and Dilishan Ibish


According to Avin Yousef, the percentage of female employees in the autonomous administration institution in the media is close to 70% of the total workforce in North Syria, indicating the active participation of women in all aspects of revolution.

She added that “the stage reached by women at all levels, and get rid of slavery and mental authority, came thanks to its commitment to the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocelan.”

On this occasion, Avin Yousef congratulated the resistance women in Afrin in particular. “We, as media, have a duty to show the resistance of women in Afrin who are fighting against the Turkish occupation and its terrorists,” she said.


Derav Ala the TV broadcaster on Ronahi channel congratulated all the women of the world on this occasion, especially media women who have a major role in the revolution of North Syria and building the truth, and they have the largest role in media coverage in the campaigns of liberating cities such as the Euphrates Wrath campaign and al-Jazeera Tempest campaign and lastly Resistance of the age in Afrin, where they want to show the reality of war and the suffering of civilians.

After the revolution in North Syria, there was only one approach to the media: power and capitalism. After the revolution, another approach to media was the free media approach to women’s vanguard. “Free media works for the public interest not for specific policy or personal interests, the recipient is looking for alternative media that shows facts and reality as they are and without distortion or misleading.


“Women participated in the revolution in North Syria effectively in all areas of life and we find them today in the various fields of life (social, political, cultural, military) and broke the stereotypes that confined their role in domestic work and others were not to grant them their full rights. Fansa Temmo the administrator of the media Bowair institution.

She noted that in the field of media, women contributed to conveying the facts that accompanied the revolution in North Syria objectively and impartially and was present always in the military scene. Kurdish journalist, martyr Dilshan Ibsh, who was martyred by a bombing carried out by elements of ISIS when it targeted a gathering of civilians whom the Syrian Democratic forces move them to the safe areas and Dilshan was doing her job in transporting the event.