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 Meeting between Kurdish National Council and Baathist regime in Hasaka



NEWS DESK– Rojava Public Security Forces(Asayîş)  was organized campaigns against the sleeper cells and weapons dealers in the cities of Amuda and Derik. During the campaign Rojava Public Security Forces confiscated large quantities of arms and ammunition were found inside homes.

Before Rojava Public Security Forces(Asayîş) disclose to it’s campaign, in the puplic opinion, the Kurdish National Council said through one of the satellite channels that these weapons are attributable to them.

During the declaration on Orient TV member of  the Kurdish National Council (ENKS)  said that this arms and ammunition distributed by the Syrian regime, which is licensed.

It was known that the gun was banned in the time of  Syrian regime, and who possess unlicensed weapons were Syrian intelligence agents, and thus be clarified and clearly that members of the Kurdish National Council in connection with the Syrian Baathist regime.

Meeting between Kurdish National Council and regime in Hasaka

As far as the relationship between the Kurdish National Council and the Baathist regime old they are new as well, after this campaign Kurdish National Council officials met with officials of the Baath Party in Hasake, the meeting was attended by officials of the Syrian political security, and no information was known about  the discussions that took place during that meeting.

Amid all these data we can analyze some of the things, it is probable that the focus of the meeting was about the campaign of Rojava Public Security Forces,  and it is possible that the Baathist regime demanded calculates these weapons, as we mentioned before that the focus of the discussions was not known.