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Middle East Peoples’ History is lecture’s title in Girkê Legê

QAMIŞLO- Union of Intellectuals in Al-Jazeera canton organized a lecture entitled “The History of the Middle East”, which was attended by dozens of intellectuals.

The lecture was organized in the office of the Union Intellectuals in in Al-Jazeera canton branch of Girkê Legê district in order to participate a number of intellectuals and representatives of cultural institutions and political parties.

The lecture was delivered by the co-chair of the Union of intellectuals in Girkê Legê Pradust Mitani and included an explanation of the content of a book entitled “The History of the Middle East”.

The book includes the history of the peoples of the Middle East from Aramaeans, Kurds, Assyrians and Arabs, and the time of each people in the region, the epochs and the wars that took place on this land.

The lecture ended by answering the participants’ questions about the contents of the book