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Milak Matar and her brush that breathes Palestinian concern


GAZA – On the wall of her small studio, the young artist Milak Matar hung her new painting, which ended recently, about the suffering of travel suffered by the residents of the Gaza Strip with the Rafah crossing, which separates Gaza Strip from Egypt, which prevents her from going out to achieve her dream. She pointed her finger to the rest of her hung drawings next to her on the walls of the small room for a moment these paintings to the top artists of the high artistic level enjoyed by the craft that she made, before you pick up the signature of the young Milak Matar, daughter of the seventeenth at the angle of each paint.

In the small room with the dilapidated abilities that Milak recently turned into a private studio, the little artist sat on one of the chairs between a set of paintings she considered her second family. She took her first painting and said with a light smile the first painting that I made was during the war in Gaza, On the drawing of a woman stretched her arms over the rubble of destroyed buildings and shed tears, and received a very wide acceptance day, I realized then the value of the art I own and increased my confidence in myself and then my career began with my paintings.

Milak continued “My parents discovered my drawing and expression talent when I was 14 years old, and the two began to take care of me and I also began to develop myself day after day through practice without being involved in any artistic course or similar activities.”

In the short period between the first painting painted by ’Milak until this moment, the artist managed to draw about 100 paintings dealing with all the social issues experienced by the Palestinians, and participated in the presentation of these paintings in several international exhibitions via the internet but could not personally participate with her paintings in those exhibitions because of the conditions of the crossing, including India, Spain, the United States, Latin America, Britain and the last exhibition in Jerusalem..FILSTIN-XEZA (2)

She was able to share with her paintings at the Jerusalem exhibition, and she says that the one who is encouraging me in this matter is that many of my works have been acquired from artistic works around the world, and “I am very proud that I have represented my people’s issues abroad through my work”

“I used social networking sites to connect with great artists and I have a lot of friends and artists around the world who are very interested in what I paint.”

She wiped her forehead with her hand after she finished saying “Away from the positive atmosphere that I live in my own studio there are problems and major obstacles in my way prevent me from achieving my dream.