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Mothers of Afrin alongside with their children continue to resist

AFRIN – After 40 days of resistance to the age, mothers in Afrin canton are still  continuing  to bring food to the fighters of People ‘s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) Among the villages where the mothers did not stop working as a beehive at JanKilla village in Rajo area

In resisting the age, everyone resists according to his ability and his way, and the mothers of Afrin resist in their own way. Every mother has a child resisting the Turkish occupation on the walls of Afrin to return the occupation from the canton

The mothers have been waking up since morning to preparing food for the fighters (YPG , YPJ) who believe in victory. The occupation army is trying in vain to penetrate the villages of the region. The Turkish occupation has not achieved significant progress in the area

Mothers in Jankilla village , not far from the fronts, start to bring cooking utensils, prepare them for firewood, and after the food they send them to the fighters in different ways and means.

Hawar news agency ‘s (ANHA) correspondents took pictures and videos showing the morala of mothers and preparing them for food

In this context, the citizen Amina Hasko noted that they are preparing food for fighters (YPG , YPJ) in order to show the world that all groups of society struggling to respond to the Turkish occupation, noting all the achievements come thanks to the martyrs, stressing that resistance to the age will prevail.