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Near completion of restoration mosque was changed by IS its characteristics


Al-TABQA- The Religious Affairs Intitution  in al-Tabqa city is about to be completed the maintenance and restoration work of al-Furqan Mosque on Northern side of the second neighborhood in al-Tabqa city west of al-Raqqa governorate.

The maintenance work began almost three months ago, which came to restore the basic and real landmarks of the mosque, which the  IS gangs to obliterate and hide under the pretext of their false and false fatwas during their time in the region during the past years.

The work included “installation of glass windows, installation of comprehensive lighting of the mosque internally and externally in addition to the dome and the shelter, the carpet floor of the mosque new carpet, maintenance of internal and external speakers, installation of curtains for the first and second floor windows.

The surrounding park was also rehabilitated to build the mosque, which is located within its boundaries by cutting trees and planting new trees rather than damaged.

The maintenance and restoration work at al -Furqan Mosque is expected to be completed within the next few days