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Newspaper: Steadfastness of People’s Protection Units defeated Turkish army

NEWS DESK-The Lebanese newspaper al-Diar noted that Turkey with all its strength and aviation failed to make any progress after 25 days of war on Afrin, and noted that Turkish newspapers hide the number of dead Turkish army and mercenaries.

It said “It seems that 25 days after the Turkish army’s attack Afrin circle on the Turkish-Syrian border, the Turkish army will not be able to make any significant progress, although 25 thousand officers and soldiers of the Syrian army dissident are attacking with the army Turkish aircraft on the circle of Afrin and Turkey uses F-16 aircraft in the air bombardment and use huge guns and all types of rocket launchers and tanks without succeeding to advance one meter in the circle of Afrin.

Turkish newspapers hide the real number of its death toll and issued in black and white

The newspaper pointed out that Turkish newspapers issued in black and white, the sadness of the killing of soldiers from the Turkish army on the road to the city of Afrin, and said that 32 Turkish soldiers were killed, and that more than 85 soldiers were wounded, while the spokesman said the Turkish army that only nine soldiers of the Turkish army Were killed, but the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet published photographs of soldiers and officers and their .